4 September 2015

Is time for back to office outfit inspiration

Friday aka "Funday"!! Yes indeed. When friday arrives it seems that we all change our mood and become happier. I can bet is due to the free days that are coming with no stress and no more work. At least
 for some of us because there are still persons that still work during the weekend, as it is my case. I don`t really have a differentiating line between working days and free days. 

Well, is not really anything scientific about it. I have to make pictures and keep you updated every day. This is the most desirable case :))

But, moving forward, here is the "Back to office" outfit inspiration, after the previous post that was name "Back to school" (you can see it Here). For me, under specific circumstances, both outfits are extremely similar. The office and the school outfits impose the so called "uniform". In most of the cases, we say they are composed by: Skirt, blazer, shirt or dresses & high heels/ flats. These are the basics that will always be included in this types of outfits.

The difference here can lay in the cuts and combinations.  As you previously seen, I decided to pick my cape blazer instead of a standard blazer. Also, i decided to pick a brooch that can add a little something, instead of the classical necklace or the statement necklace. 

And one more important thing I have to mention, is related to my make-up and I will switch it to Romanian.

Stiti deja, ca eu nu sunt chiar foarte talentata in arta machiajului. Am avut diverse incercari insa de cele mai multe ori apelez la clasicul cat eye si ruj rosu... Insa pentru pachiajul de astazi trebuie sa ii multumesc Andrei. Daca ma intrebati, de putine ori am fost multumita de machiajele obtinute de diverse persoane. Am preferatele mele, iar Andra se numara printre ele ♥ Va invit sa ii vizitati pagina si va veti convinge de ce poate sa realizeze si cu siguranta veti apela la serviciile ei :D

Back to English now, I hope you like it and maybe you`ll be inspired.
Wish you all a wonderful weekend
Kisses, Manuella ♥

Make-up: Andra Preda Make-up

I was wearing:
Dress: Here
Michael Kors Selma Medium Bag Here
Cut Out Oxfords: Here
FREYRS Sunglasses

P.S.: I also need your help in the Glamour Street Fashion Show competition. So if you have one minute, please click Here and give your vote and support :D


  1. Esti foarte frumoasa, iar machiajul si rochia sunt super dragute <3

  2. super outfit! Imi plac la nebunie pantofii <3


  3. you look gorgeous;)
    lovely dress :)


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