24 September 2015

#BeautifulRomania - Brasov day 2

 The time came for the second post of my small and wonderful trip to Brasov. I will present you a mix between camera and phone pictures so please, don`t be so judgmental regarding the quality of the pictures.

Sure, the are pictures from the Old Center of the city, if you`re around you should also walk on the smallest Street in Brasov called Strada Sforii and you should also take a walk up to Tampa if you want to see the entire city from above. As you can see I changed my outfit a bit for the walk that day because the first outfit with the skirt and the oxford shoes are not really suitable for that place.

I mean, this was my suggestion but if you do  insist, as seen on a lady up there, you can also go for heels...hahahah!!! Be sure that I`m joking and it was completely silly.

And the last thing I want to mention before leaving you with the picture is the fact that Brasov is the perfect place you need to be if you want to escape the city rush and to avoid the business parks from Bucharest. Don`t get me wrong, I love the rush and the always busy aspect of my city, but I just felt the need to go somewhere and relax between people that don`t check the time each and every second.

I know that I have to work more on my travel pictures but it`s a start and I will do better next time. Hope you can enjoy my weekend in pictures and I will do more posts like this. It`s a promise. 

 Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
FREYRS Cat Eye Sunglasses


  1. beautiful, feminine and very stylish :)
    Skirt stole my heart;)


  2. România are româncuțe frumoase, iar tu ești una dintre ele....

  3. România are româncuțe frumoase, iar tu ești una dintre ele....


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