16 February 2016

Denim culottes and Sandals for the first time this year

What do you think about the ruffles trend this season? Because I knew from the first time I saw it that it was love at first sight and what else was left to do than to buy this blouse?! ♥ In combination with a pair of denim culottes and a pair of sandals (for the first time this year since outside were 22 degrees) I think it looks great.
Also I was so enthusiastic to wear this sandals, you can`t even imagine, because I have them for a while now and never got the chance to wear them since outside was extremely cold :D

Bot now was the time and I love the result. For all the links of my items check the I was wearing section!
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Prada Sunglasses: Here
Ruffles Blouse: Here
Culottes Jeans: Kurtmann Here
Michael Kors Bag: Here
Prabal Gurung Sandals: Here
Tommy Hilfiger Watch: Similar Here


  1. Esti foarte frumoasa si naturala!
    Iti vine de minune tinuta! ;)

  2. Love this combo! I'm not a big fan of ruffles, but this top looks really cool!

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  4. You look beautifully as always;)
    wonderful blouse;)


    1. thank you dear! This blouse is also my favorite ♥

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