5 February 2016

Outfit of the day & dejamoda app


Hi loves! Today I want to present you two things: I will start first with my new outfit and I will continue with a brand new application that I recently discovered and that is making my shopping life a lot easier.

So, first about the outfit is something that I wore during the weekend when the weather was not so cold as in the previous days.

I decided to wear a casual sport outfit perfect for a chill Sunday. For all the links and details about the items check the I was wearing section or just click the first picture and it will direct you to my favorite app and to the items I`m wearing or to similar ones. 

And now comes the news about the app I was talking about. Because I told you about my outfit and the brands I`m wearing, I want to ask you: Would you like to find a place where you can add pictures of celebrities or simply pictures from Pinterest or from your phone where you have a specific item you like and let the app find it for you? Even more, dejamoda, besides the fact that it finds the items for you, it comes up with some other suggestions too, similar ones in a wide range of prices, from cheap products to expensive designers ones. In this way you will find the desired item and also find one that will suit your budget ♥

You can find inspiration in the daily feeds on the app as well as in other accounts like mine J. Just make sure to use the app from your smart phone for full functionality, but I think that we use more our phones nowadays than anything else so it is not a problem.

Also, you can get your Chrome extension of the app (currently available on over 700 sites!) so when you go for example on Amazon, it will bring you more options for similar products. Check it Here and see what I`m talking about!!

So, I will invite you to visit www.dejamoda.com and let me know what you think about it ♥ For me, is pure gold ahahha.

Wish you a wonderful day

Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Only Jacket from Kurtmann
Ray Ban Sunglasses Here
H&M Shirt
Jeans Similar Here
Calvin Klein Sneakers
YVY Bags Black Bag


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