6 September 2014

Windy kind of situation

Hi Loves! Well, today I will show you how a tired face looks like :)) I`m just jocking because I won`t loose too much time on this because today I want to present you one of my latest and favorite outfits.

Casual, simple, basic... The combination is not really unexpected, but when the perfect items come together the result is stunning. I have to tell you that for a while now, I was searching for the right pair of boyfriend/ripped jeans. I mean, not to large, nor to long but in perfect shapen and color. This pair is the result of perfection in my poin of view and you can also order it now, with a discount. Just check the section "I was wearing" and click "Here" for the desired item.

To continue, I`ve made this Deep V-Neck Cardigan and I creaved to wear it earlier, but until now, I didn`t managed due to the summer weather ( And I`m not complaining at all). And for a bit of change in the attitude, not only large blouse, large jeans, simple cuts, I decided to pick also my favorite pair of animal print boots with their extremely high heels.

Anyway, now I have to go...sadly, but I also invite you to check the section Shop: By Manuella ♥ to see the latest dress that was added recently :D I hope you like my work and your support means a lot for me!!

Wish you a wonderful weekend
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Cardigan: My own design Here
Jeans: Here
Bag: You can also order it Here
Animal print boots: Old


  1. Vaaai, m am indragostit de cardigan. E minunat! Felicitari Manu :* Minunat outfit <3 Kisses

  2. botinele alea...o Doamne <3


  3. I think that these are the perfect boyfriend jeans,that you choose! :)



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