6 June 2014

Stripped Suit and Giveaway Winners

Hi Loves! Today I want to present you the Stripped Suit. I have it for a while now, but since the weather is changing from one minute to another I didn`t manage to wear it. In my opinion a suit is very easy to be worn. As in the case of a jumpsuit 80% of the outfit is waiting for you as it is, without making you think and rethink, how to match the blouse, with what pants and so on. 
So in case you want something easy to be picked and combined, I will recommend you to invest in a jumpsuit and also in a suit. You can also choose from a variety of combinations: pencil skirt, tulip skirt, short, midi, short pants, midi pants and also long and so on.

I hope you like my casual interpretation for it, since I`m running from one place to another, heels lately are optional :D Continue reading, because at the end of this post you`ll also find the winners of the 2 giveaways that were organized on my blog.

And also don`t forget to check My Shop where you can order some cute items made with my little hands with a lot of passion and love, haha !!

Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing: Suit- Blazer: Here, Shorts: Here Blouse: Here, Necklace: Dior, Bag: Dasha,
Sneakers: Fshoes

Also, today I will present the winners of the 2 Giveaways organized on my blog:
1. The Cora Giveaway: The winner is Claudia Contantinescu Necula with her Parisian look ♥
2. For the Run Giveaway, the winner is number 38, Valeria Breahna

We will contact you asap to give you the prize ♥


  1. Dungile, perfecte pentru vara! :) Costumul iti vine minunat.

  2. beautiful

  3. Foarte frumoasa combinatia de blazer si pantaloni scurti in dungi, arati minunat!! Imi place mult geanta <3


  4. Awesome stripped suit. Way to go! :D
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