1 June 2014

Fierce Chihuahua

I know that you`re not even close to be scared if I will start with the title. And in fact, there is nothing scary around here, everything is just nice and joyfull ♥ 
Today I will tell you a bit about the wonderful event that is coming in town: Digital Divas. Is not at the first edition, if you remember I participated also last year where I had the pleasure to meet wonderful people that I knew just online. This time I think it will be the same and by the way I am also a nominee. Don`t get too enthusiastic, the other blogs are great too, but somehow I`m one of them and this makes me feel great.
This edition will be splited again in two parts: the conference and the gala and I really hope that I will be able to take part to both of them. And I`m saying this because tomorrow is my first exam, not great but it means that the summer holiday is so close ♥
Ok this is it for today, I hope I`ll have the chance to meet you on the 3th of June and to have a great chit chat during the event!! 
P.S.: For more info about the event, you can enter their website here

Kisses,Manuella ♥

I was wearing: Pants and Blouse: 6ks, Bag: Jadu, Heels: Lovelyshoes


  1. Replies
    1. Thank youu ♥ They are so comfy, I love them too

  2. very cute outfit! and it looks so comfy too



  3. Foarte simpatici pantalonii! <3

  4. I`m in love with your pants, sunt absolut perfecti si tie iti sta minunat cu ei iar combinatia cu topul este spot on!
    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

    1. Multumesc Alice, you`re such a peach ♥

  5. Superbi pantalonii!!! Ce mărime ți-ai luat tu?


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