4 November 2015

White, Pink and Leather

Hi loves! today is time for a new outfit post. It`s more bright and it can bring you a small smile on your face or at least this was my reaction. Usually during the cold season the only thing we can see are dark colors and sad faces because we are afraid of how we can keep our clothes clean. This is also the case of white jeans and each time I`m wearing them is almost impossible not to get something on them, at least a spot.

Anyway, today I`m also sharing with you my new pair of Inia Lavin shoes and the way I decided to style them. I have plenty ideas on my mind but this was the first one. If you think that pink is a bit difficult to wear, don`t forget that you can pick your own color and leather type to fit your style ♥ For more details you can send me an email at manuela.lupascu91@gmail.com and I will make a promise that also the website will be done extremely soon so that you can see more there! Until then, you can see part of my work on my Facebook Profile and Here

This is it for now and I wish you all a good day
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Shein Pink Jacket Here
Zara Shirt
Zara White Jeans
Inia Lavin Pink Booties
Gray Leather Bag Here
Marc Jacobs Watch
Gray Hat Similar Here


  1. You look so cute in that romper! Bizim Mekan The outfit really gives it a refresh and classy look in the middle of those lights. Sohbetci Love it!

  2. wow you look at this set beautifully;)


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