8 November 2015

Gloomy Weather

The weather outside is not that nice anymore but you know, is almost mid November and it should be like this. But I wouldn`t mind for a bit of sun, sure with low temperatures but still sunny :D

For today I have prepared for you a black & gray outfit and you`ll see all the details about it, as usual, in the I was wearing section. I`m a bit on a hurry so I will let you with the pictures!

Kisses, Manuella

 I was wearing:
Shein Cape
Shein Leather Pants
Zara Boots
Tommy Hilfiger Watch
H&M White Blouse
Old Backpack


  1. So gorgeous! I love your cape and backpack <3


  2. you look beautiful:)


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  4. More but you know I didn't want to they want to get enough stuff to try didn't want to kill myself French so this is good karma it looks like that on these hi the sky Face Flash remind me i'll be some the colors up be 247 live not by urban decay but these are more like gel because the 247 glide on eyeliner it's not really a giant liner fun it is really nice but the way these light on his oh my god like kind of reminds me of that miss you people when I really unlike crazy.



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