23 November 2015

Grey for the day

I am looking at these pictures for a while now and I was constantly asking myself if I should share them with you. Not because I don`t like them, but mostly because the weather was so gloomy, the colors are in grey tones and the overall picture makes me a bit sad... for no reason. 
While I`m writing this for you, it seems that the weather got back on a better track: it`s sunny and I can hear the sound of the wind ♥ Love it. So in the end I decided to share the pictures with you, mostly because this is the course of nature and life. You can be happy, bright and  fun and the next day you`ll have a completely different attitude. So, I will go out for some new pictures that will bring you the smile back ♥

So I hope you enjoy the outfit and maybe it can inspire your future decisions. 
Wish you all a wonderful week!

Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Romwe Grey Cape
Boyfriend Jeans Similar Here
Romwe Blouse
Michael Kors Allie Trainers
Michael Kors Bag
Daniel Wellington Watch


  1. You look fantastic in this set;)
    I like your shirt :)


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