25 March 2015

Favorite Color Combo not for a long time

 I don`t know why, but lately I became a black and white addict. I know I have to change this and do it as soon as possible and today was my first attempt to do so. The nude, white and khaki combo seems to be quite appealing but I think that it won`t keep to long. I have order so many things in black and white that my wardrobe  seems to be borrowed from someone else :D

 But I know, spring is here and I will do my best to keep the things happier around here, since the bright and pastels colors always bring a smile on our faces.

So, I hope you enjoy it and don`t forget to enter my latest giveaway Here.

Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
White shirt: Here
White Fringe Jacket: Similar Here
Pants: Zara availabe Here
Heels: Garkony
Bag: Dasha
Wood Watch by Jord: Available Here

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