27 January 2015

Masculinity vs Femininity

 I know that many of you are already in bed and I wish I had this pleasure too, but still I have to show you a new outfit, since tomorrow I will have no time for it ♥ But I know that you will see it tomorrow and this puts a smile on my tired face.

As mentioned in my previous post ( You can see it Here, if you`ve missed it), lately I`m in for flats, just because when you have 10 destinations in one day and no time to rest heels seem the worst decision and also the most painful. Well, it doesn`t mean that I didn`t do it or that from now on I will wear just flats... no, no, no. 
Let me explain you how the things are going: in my case, both flats and heels are painful. I don`t really pick my shoes taking into consideration if they are comfy or not. They just have to be gorgeous.... I meant it, this is the only think they have to do.And maybe the right numbers, actually I`m always in between 37- 38 and to find the perfect fit it is almost impossible. But when someone is looking at my feet and sure, when I`m looking at my feet too, they must bring the smile we all need to see when a long day is coming. 
My only decision regarding rather heels or flats is taken by analyzing how fast I should move :D I`m not running that good and I have a huge fear of stairs when I`m wearing heels . And this is something that you probably didn`t knew about me but is not such a big secret.

I hope that my masculine outfit will inspire you and when is getting cold, I think that this is a good option too if you want to look great and neglect the winter cold!

Sweet dreams,
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Jacket: Here
Leather Pants: Here
Boots: Here (and you can also enjoy free shipping if you order them ♥) 
Bag: Dasha
Sunglasses: Here
Scarf: Stefanel

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