19 January 2015

How to dress when you don`t know what to wear

 Hi loves! I just came back from my exam and I was thinking about the feeling that I have when I`m writing here. Even if I`m a bit tired I decided that this is the better way to end this day and to tell you what I`m doing when I don`t know what to wear.
First of all, we have those items in our wardrobe that are always the preferred ones, but we still avoid them because we don`t want to make a habit by wearing them, mostly because we don`t want to be seen dressed the same in too many occasions, right? In my case there is always a problem with the boyfriend jeans and the white shirts. That`s why I decided to invest more in this kind of items... to have different shapes and colors because it will be mush more easy to combine them in a different way and the result will be quite the same but still different.
So, I took this old pair of boyfriend jeans, which is more like a harem one, a white blouse and the Sheinside cape which believe me, it keeps me war. Because the outfit was a bit boring I decided to pick this red bag to safe it and for a safer walk a pair of boots with thick heels. 
What do you think? What are your solutions when it comes to decide what to wear when you don`t actually know? I will be happy to hear your impressions and ideas :D

Wish you good night and sweet dreams
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Hat: Here
Cape: Here
Jeans: Bershka (old)
Boots: Mini Prix (old)
Bag: Sorry but I don`t remember :D

Photo credits: Adrian D Photography


  1. You are such a beauty, my dear :*


  2. Casual yet chic! Love this look! :)


  3. You look lovely dear :)

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  4. Frumoasa palaria, chiar completeaza outfitul! :)

  5. Esti superba,si tinuta e comfy si stylish!


  6. Love the look :)



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