22 January 2015

In the mood for weekend

This is the promised post that I`ve told you about yesterday on my Facebook Page. I was so tired and exhausted after the enormous research that I`ve made for a project that I couldn`t write any additional work here. But since the weekend is even closer now, I don`t think that is really such a problem, right? :D

But still, even if I can`t wait for it, I always have in mind that on Saturday I have another exam, how awesome is this?! ( not really ...) But I don`t know why, lately I`m in such a great mood and nothing can destroy the weird happiness in my head.
So, I hope my outfit can inspire you for a wonderful afternoon dinner, as was in my case when I decided to wear this outfit.

 Wish you a wonderful day loves 
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Faux Fur Jacket: Old
Oversized Jumper: Here
Cluch: Meli Melo
Necklace: Here
Bracelets: Swarovski & Pandora
Over the Knee Boots: Old

Photo Credits: Adrian D. Photography


  1. Always the best, of course for me .. I love and I'm fan of over the knee boots combinations ! Lovely and chic... Glamour !

  2. looking damn gorgeous
    Great Post. Lovely Blog. I am really loving your blog.
    xxx Keep in touch
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  3. Awesome style :) I think you must share your photos on www.voguedrobe.com, too :)


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