10 December 2012

Fake Short Hairstyle - Tutorial

I know that this picture is not so relevant to show you the hairstyle, but believe me, it was quite hard to pick even this single picture due to the fact that the quality was not as i expected. In order to make it up to you, I`ll do my best to explain the steps you need to follow to achieve this Fake Short Hairstyle.

1. As I recommend in all the hairstyles , your hair has to be freshly washed and dried for a better result.

2. Pick the highest point of your eyebrow and create a side parting in your hair in accordance to that point on your arch. This is a great accuracy tip for when you want to make a side parting.

3. Using a heat styler take a section of hair a few centimetres thick and run the iron down it at a diagonal angle to create a wave. Repeat with all of the hair. I always begin from the neck to the top of the head for better results and also it is much more easier to separate the curly hair from the strait one.

4. After the entire hair is curled, you need to brush it. In this way you`ll get rid of those Barbie curls ( I hope you know what i mean).

5. The last step is very simple. Using some pins, catch the hair inside, near the neck. Be generous with the pins,otherwise the hairstyle may not resist.

What do you think about it? In my opinion, the hairstyle is classy and elegant :D
Kisses, Manuella ♥

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  2. de ce nu traduci si in romana?! pentru o mai buna intelegere de catre toata lumea.

    1. Este o buna idee si drept urmare o sa fac asta incepand cu urmatoarea postare! Iti multumesc , Kisses ♥

  3. Ce frumos :)

    Imi place si makeup-ul.

    Te pupic ♥



  4. iti sta bine cu machiaj mai minimalist dar cu rosu pe buze :*

  5. foarte dragut, as vrea sa imi fac si eu asa:))

    1. Desi ai parul fooooooarte lung, nu cred ca este imposibil! :D si mie mi-a crescut destul in ultima perioada :D.Secretul sta in bucle pt o mai buna fixare, altfel parul drept este mai moale :D Pupiii

  6. Ti-am dat GFC finally, cu toate ca mereu iti citesc blogul:d

  7. nice article,,,thanks for share!
    keep posting and happy blogging!!


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