22 April 2016

When you just can`t avoid Serenity Blue

Hi loves! Today is time for a splash of serenity blue. Since the color of the year was announced, I was thrilled.  Go my hands in many items that are in this color and started combining them in different ways.

For example, This Michael Kors bag. You saw my enthusiasm, when I received 3 new Michael Kors bags, that were order only 3 days ago from the US and what is even more needed to be mentioned, is that I managed to buy them at half of their price ♥. Well, I don`t have too much empty space in the bags closet, but still, I couldn`t stay away from the blue one. It was the only missing color in there. And if you don`t know about which website I`m talking about, just check in Here and you`ll be so in love with it and with it`s services for sure.

Regarding the rest of the outfit, well of course I needed another blue Blouse and I continued with a pair of pleated culottes and another new pair of sandals. But OMG, do you know how comfy these sandals are?! So, if you want to see and find more about the clothing items in this post, just make sure you`ll check the I was wearing section!

Wish you all a wonderful weekend.
 Kisses, M

 I was wearing:
Serenity Blue Michael Kors Bag: Here
Ruffle Shirt: Here
Pleated Culottes: Here
AmiClubwear Sandals: Here

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