30 August 2015

The day Before last day of summer

I really hope I`m not stressing you even more today, since this is the title of every single post on Facebook and Instagram. I mean, they still have it wrong because they call today the last day of summer, and we still have tomorrow which will be the official last day :D I know that for some of us is a working day, but I decided to work this weekend just to have the Monday free and enjoy it by the pool side. 

I`m not trying to making you jealous but we all decide what to do with our spare time :D If I will be able to take my photographer with me tomorrow, maybe I will share with you some pictures and tips about how you can learn how to swim and also important detail on how can you get the perfect tan :D. See, I decided to take the free Monday but I`m still thinking on work and what to do....

Anyway, for today I decided to pick a classic and sober outfit, to share with you the sadness that took over the city. Summer is the season when we do like to party the most, when we can spend the days by the pool, when people usually enjoy their holidays most and also my birthday season. Ok, ok...Is not everything just about me, but I felt the need to say something silly.

So, how do you spend your last summer weekend? 
Wish you all a wonderful day loves
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Double Breasted Tuxedo Dress: Here
Marc Jacobs Glitter Oxfords Here
FREYRS Sunglasses Here
Watch: Guess
Bag: Similar Here


  1. Super awesome, love this outfit!

  2. You look wonderful :)



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