19 August 2015

Smart Investments

Lately I have a revelation: There is not worthy investing in everything!!! And this, believe me is such a word of advice.

And by investing I mean spending large amounts of money on expensive items... any kind of items. My decision was to invest in accessories more than in everything else because by picking them correctly and wisely, they will have a long lasting life and the investment will be worthy. So, I decided to start with bags and shoes ♥ Oh, yes, two of my biggest crushes. But picking the classics, they will never get out of the trend. 

I know that you might say that the colors might not, but the shapes will. Indeed, but still, I don`t think that you want to invest on cheap items that usually when it comes to shoes and bags the cost is reflected also on their quality and they will break after 2-3 times. So the CLASSICS will always be the best option.

And what can you ask more, if they are also on SALE!?!?!?! This time brands like: Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, DKNY and many others are sold at 20% off HERE. You have to know that this sale will last until August 20th 4AM U.S. Eastern Time (New York).

If you want to enjoy the 20% off you have to check first for the promo code that will is available HERE and enter it on before you finalize the shopping!!! Hurry up because it will last until  August 20th 4AM U.S. Eastern Time (New York)

For example my favorite Michael Kors bag will enjoy a $60 discount by using this promo code. I think that is best buy and extreme attractive. I should  go and search for another favorite :D

Enjoy shopping!!
Kisses, Manuella ♥


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