16 January 2014

Biker Leather Look Coat With Faux Fur

 Hi girls! I have prepared some posts in advance for you because I will have 2 extremely busy weeks. The exams session is right by the corner, also I have to take my driving license and as you may know about the Fashion Design courses at Atelierele Ilbah that I`m attending, well are almost at the end and I have to prepare my final collection. And I can tell you some hints about it: metalic, leather, spring-summer, sequins, gold and you`ll see the rest at the perfect moment ♥

Also I`m sad that they will end. I had the opportunity to met wonderful and talented people, I`ve learned a lot and also when something comes to an end I think that I`m not the only one that became sad. But let`s see the bright side, it will take me and the others to the next level ♥

So if you`re interested in the fashion design, I highly recommend you to take a look and see what Atelierele Ilbah has prepared for you and also don`t forget, you`ll have the opportunity to work with Mirela Diaconu which is a very inspiring person always prepared to help you. You can also see her wonderful designs on her personal website.

Meanwhile, let`s get back to work

Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing: Hat: Here, Coat: Here, T-shirt: Here, Leather Pants: Here, Bag: Dasha, Boots: Zara


  1. Love this edgy look! Pants are awesome, I especially love the color!


  2. Love your coat!! Looks great on you!


  3. Nice coat !!!! Intrebare : In cate zile ti-au venit hainutele de pe choies.com ? Posta sau Curier?

  4. Foarte faina palaria, am pe bej, dar arata super si pe negru!!


  5. Great look here ! I love your nice blog , you are so lovely and chic, I'm glad to follow here ! ♥

  6. Nice leather ensemble.



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