15 September 2013

Almost All Black

While I was out in the city for dinner, I decided to wear this dress. It is so comfy and I can say, that I almost walked naked, hahaa. I know how it may sound, but believe me it is perfect and because sometimes we are over with tight jeans, tight dresses and tights skirts, if you want to have your own moment, to escape and feel free, well the perfect solution is this dress. 
P.S.: I may say it has a small drawback, I wear it for almost 20 min in the car, and you can see how crumpled it is :( . Accept my apologies!

That`s it for today, but stay tuned because I have prepared many other posts for you :D

Kisses, Manuella

I was wearing: Dress: Here, Boots: Here, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Bag: Here


  1. that dress is so cute! i definitely like to escape tight silhouettes at times too and be free



  2. Foarte interesantă rochia și îți stă super cu ea! Grozave și botinele!


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