24 May 2016

Summer Essentials- Designer items on Sale

Spring sale came just in time to invite us to wear the most desired items at super discounts. So therefore I`m sharing with you the big version of my wishlist with nothing left out, all of them being at super discounts up to 50%.
Just keep in mind that you can invest in your favorite designer items and now is not too late to enjoy them too. And if you invest smart, they will also be suitable for the next years and they will never go out of fashion.

But, I will also invite you to check all the sales pages, because you`ll might find something else to enjoy more then my picks. You can access it HERE.

Well, please, tell me now which is your favorite and don`t forget that under each picture you`ll find a direct link to each item.

Kisses, M ♥

My top 3 favorite bags. I have to admit that I have the Philip Lim one on my wishlist for quite a while, but I always found other things to buy and always spend my money on things that I don`t wish that much. This one is a must and I will for sure include it asap on my wardrobe. The small Rebecca Minkoff is so sweet and I cannot get my eyes of it for sure and the Michael Kors bucket bag needs no other comments... Even if my collection has now 6 MK bags... I cannot get rid of this brand, is addictive I think.

So, we have the dresses, we have the bags... what was left, other than shoes?! And believe me, I took care of both high heels and flats because lately I am so into comfy shoes that I managed to pick only the shoes that I will be sure they will make my feel fell perfect the entire day ♥ And I could not pick something else, but gladiators that are both suitable for casual outfits with a touch of glam, but also for boho styles that are so much in trend this year.

And last but not least, if you have in mind any fancy party that you should attend in the near future, be sure also to check the gowns available because for sure you`ll make a statement and also you`ll be one of a kind with no chance to see someone dressed like you. Which is actually a women worst scenario when she decide what to wear.

So, remain gorgeous and do some smart shopping while you have the chance because you`ll not regret it for sure. Let me know your favorites and if I can help you with anything just send a comment and I will reply to it asap. This is one of my fav websites and guess what, I`ve made a new order too while writing this article and I will show you the content soon, because it will take only a few days for it to arrive.

Kisses... again :D ♥

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