12 February 2015

Valentine`s Day Proposal

I know that many of you may not celebrate Valentine`s day but can can still consider it as an opportunity to look great since it is celebrated this Saturday night, right? I have to admit that for the moment I don`t have any plans but maybe I will be surprised ( I just love to be optimist :D ) but let`s admit that we don`t really need a special day to share and show our love. We also don`t need a special day or a special reason to look great just because these must be some of our main concerns.

You may say that I`m a bit superficial and that I put a lot of accent on the appearance, but we live in these days were the first impression is very important and is not enough to stick just to that first impression but we need to maintain it together with all the other qualities that we may have.

My pick for the Saturday night? As you can see, a short sequins dress, a pair of stilettos and a small bag that will change a bit the chromatic. Oh and maybe I don`t really need to mention it, but still everybody got crazy with the color of the year and as you can see I picked marsala as the color of my bag :D

I hope that my outfit will inspire you and it will give you the needed confidence for a special night

Enjoy your day,
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Sequins Dress: Here
Bag: YVY Bags

Photo credit: Adrian D Photography


  1. Ador cum ti-ai ales outfitul pentru ziua indragostitilor! arati fenomenal, felicitari!


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