18 October 2014

Lunch is served: Heels and long legs for today

 Today I remembered the first time when I got my hands on a pair of heels ♥ I was 15 years old and I decided to participate for a title at the well known high school prom contest Miss and Mister 2006. 
You all know that prom, means that I had to wear a dress and high heels :D I was so confused at that time, I didn`t knew from where to start searching. So I took a friend of mine that was a bit bigger than me because she knew how to deal with this kind of problems and she indeed helped me. I still have that pair with heels that don`t exceed 6 cm somewhere in my closet and even if is not that fancy and eye catching it reminds me of that period of my life.

But my addiction for heels came a few years later, and now I don`t even want to count them :D
 Do you remember the first time you brought yours?

Wish you a wonderful day
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearring:
 Blouse/Dress: Here
Black skirt: My own design
Bag: Dasha
Boots: Zara
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Watch: Guess
Bracelets: Swarovski


  1. Initialam crezut ca este o fusta din 2 straturi. Imi place super mult ideea ta de a pune camasa lunga peste fusta. Chiar arata bine. Cred ca ar arata la fel de bine si cu un obi de genul asta de pe asos.

    Atunci chiar ai fi zis ca este o fusta din 2 straturi.

  2. Love those heels....


  3. Lovely! Imi place foarte mult camasa :)


  4. Nice outfit! Love how you wore a different color pair of shoes for a pop of color!



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