15 July 2014

Trip to Italy - Venice

Hi Loves! As some of you may know from my Facebook and Instagram Accounts, I`ve spent the last days on a gorgeous trip in Italy, more precisely, Milan and Venice. It was gorgeous and even if it was extremele exhausting it was also a great experience and I`ve seen great places, enjoy the local food and also the feelings that a new place comes with.
We ( me and my love) decided to visit first Venezia and it was the best decision ever. Those small streets, surrounded by bridges and water, with the old but great arhitecture of the buildings and never the less the San Marco Square, Ducale Palace, San Giorgio Maggiore, Basilica di San Marco, Ponte di Rialto and the list can continue with so many other places. I recommend you all of them in case you have the chance to visit the city.
 And also don`t forget to enjoy the local food. It was not the most healthy and fresh menu, but pizza, pastas, gelato, caprese were the main courses like...every day :D
And what can I say, the only bad part was with the multitude of mosquitoes that practicaly saw me as the perfect meal during the trip and my legs are now...destroyed :)) most probably I will have to wear long pants and skirts for a while until the wounds will pass.

But it doesn`t even matter ♥ So this was the outfit I wore to Venice: a gorgeous dress for which I have to thank to Prive Boutique and I also recommend  you to visit their site because you`ll see there lots of items that for sure will make you spend some money haha. And the rest of the outfit is composed by different accesories that let`s say, make a difference( you can see the details at the end of the text).

I hope you like it and also I hope you`ll have a great night. I will be back with another outfit posts and details of my experience in Italy soon ♥
Kisses, Manuella

 I was wearing: Dress: Prive Boutique, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Bag: Michael Kors,
Braceles: Pandora Essence Collection and Pandora Summer Collection, Watch: Guess,
 Sandals: Local Market, Necklace: Dior


  1. I love Italy and your dress!!!
    Good trip!
    Besos desde Madrid


  2. Amazing photos, amazing place <3



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