31 December 2013

A wonderful 2013

Loves, here is a small (or big) review of my beautiful 2013. It wasn`t always easy, but what would life be without some hard moments from which we learn how to be better and how to fight for our dreams? All in all, my year was full of challenges that were ended up successfully with hard work and perseverance. I`ve had wonderful collaborations with Nokia, Diva Hair, M Calendar etc., I`ve been nominated at the Best Newcomer Fashion Blog, I`ve graduated the Faculty and enter the master`s program at ASE.
 And you think this is all?? Well, not so fast, hahah!! Also I had the opportunity due to some of the collaborations mentioned above and other events to met wonderful persons and bloggers, that I knew from the social networks and discover how great and inspiring are also in the real life.

Another great thing that happened to me was the opportunity that "Atelierele Ilbah" offered me. I started in October the Fashion Design Course, which was like a dream that came true. I  have one more month to follow the course and after it, prepare for more clothing items to come (Some of the items made until now are available on Style in the city). 

And last but not least, I have a wonderful relationship and this year we celebrated one year together.I don`t know what I would have done without his love and support ♥ 

In the end, I would like to thank you all for following me and also supporting me and I hope I will do 1000 times better on the next year. 

I will continue to show you in pictures my most wonderful moments and of course outfits :D

Can`t wait to see what 2014 have prepared for me ♥♥

Kiss you all and Happy New Year 


  1. superba esti!


  2. looovely post !! la cat mai multe povesti despre fashion! Kisses <3

  3. La multi ani! Muuulte tinute minunate! Sa ai un an la fel de stylish ca cel care a trecut! Pupici!

  4. ai gust la haine! tinutele tale sunt deosebite, le ador! rochia rosie m-a dat peste cap, chiar daca nu sunt o fana a rochiilor. sa ne incanti si anul asta cu haine la fel de frumoase!

    http://paginidezisinoapte.blogspot.com (follow,pls)


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