25 November 2012

French braid tutorial

Hey there! This tutorial is meant to explain you the steps in obtaining a french braid hairstyle a bit different from the classic one. 

1. As I recommend in all the hairstyles , your hair has to be freshly washed and dried for a better result. Also make sure all your hair is brushed through so you have no knots.

2. Before starting you have to create a low side part in the hair.  Separate out the front section: this is the part you’ll be adding curls to.

3. This time you`ll begin from the neck to the top of the head so , the position it will be with your head upside down. Select a thick strand of hair and divide it in 3.

4. Start the french braid by folding each section over once. When you get to the first piece again you need to add some more hair to this. Drop the section you need to braid and hold the other two in the other hand, using your fingers to keep the sections separated. Using the tail comb, section a little more hair from your loose hair and grab this along with the section that has already been braided. Smooth the hair out and pull over the correct section. 

5. Continue to braid until you get to the front section that you created at the beginning. When you get there, use some pins to fixate the braided hair. Make sure it is firmly fixed. ( use pins in your hair color so they will not be visible)

6. Last step to be completed it will be for the front section (mentioned in step 2). Using a heat styler take a section of hair a few centimeters thick and run the iron down it at a diagonal angle to create a wave. Repeat with all of the hair in the side-fringe section.
Good Luck 

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