19 June 2012

Summer lover ♥

Since i have 2 more exams the tension decresed and now i can take some time to relax and also to take some pictures for you! 
As i have already told you, this summer i`m in love with white and nude tones more than ever and this is a real problem. Whanna know why?? Because every single time when i go shoppimg i`m looking only at white clothes and really, i`m not Snow White . But lately i was able to turn and let them where they are...Colored or nothing! And imagine my dissapointment when i go back home with nothing ... is hilarious!

Hope you also passed all the exams with high grades :D Those of you who are still in school... and the other ones in life ...uhh so deep :))
Kisses,Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Dress: Local Market
Clutch: Zara
Sandals: Zara


Thank you for stopping by and for your comments! I`ll promise to visit you as soon as I can :)