16 February 2012

Midi dress for cold winter days

I know, i know...is been a while since my last post and i have to apologize for this. I just receive these pictures from a previews shooting for a local magazine and i thought it will be the best opportunity to post some of them on my blog. In this kind of situations i`m not the one who choose the outfits but i can say this one is really great, right? Even more because for the first time i wore a midi dress and i always enjoy this kind of challenges   :D

Also i will upload some pictures soon from the Wella Awards , if you remember i was also present at the previous edition and you can see some pictures in this post Special post: Wella Awards . We will start preparing from tomorrow and the event will take place on Wednesday and i`m so curious about what i will wear this time :D

I hope your enjoing this winter full of snow ( because i don`t :( )
Kisses ,
Manuella ♥

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I was wearing:
Dress: Diana Bobar
Bracelet, heels and clutch: New Look


  1. I love the dress, it looks fabulous on you, the print is very yummy! :D:X

  2. Lovely dress dear!

  3. Hi beautiful!

    I think that this post is really interesting...and i love ur pictures! do u want to follow each other? I'm already following u!

    xx from


  4. cute. love the dress :)


  5. Foarte frumoasa rochita!
    Un super look!

  6. Nice dress


  7. Amazing outfit dear!


  8. Cute outfit!


  9. Great photos, you look amazing! Really enjoying your blog and am your newest follower

  10. It's weird that you consider that as a challenge lol! But yeah i agree it's a nice dress and you look nice with it.

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  12. Last January, Gord and I were invited to a formal wedding in snow country. My first reaction was, "I have nothing to wear," which made Gord burst out laughing. He knows my taste in clothes and always remarks how perfectly elegant I look, no matter what the occasion.

  13. You have such an amazing sense of style! You make everything look so wearable!


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