31 December 2011

2011 and the last outfit post

At the beggining of the year everything was a bit blury but with every month that passed my objectives have been completed, new opportunities have emerged and now, at the end of the year when we draw the line and look what has happend so far, i`m completely satisfied because both plans, professionally and personally went amazing and i hope to continue developing them on the next year.
I think the most important thing is to progress every year no matter how much and to become a better person with big dreams which must become true.
As you may have noticed in the last months i`ve posted more and i will continue in this way because many of you told me to do so...and this is very important for me as it is for you. 
I want to thank you for everything and for being so supportive and kind.
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 Sunglasses: Carrera
Leather jacket: Guess
Boyfriend Jeans: Zara
Boots: Zara
Bag: LaPallete


  1. Great outfit,hon!Happy New Year!

  2. Hello happy day...
    Beautiful look is very so cute..

  3. love ur blog!!!
    and you are so pretty!
    i follow you!
    hug from BARCELONA


    follow each other??

  4. you give a stylish end to 2011, and happy new yeaR! hope you keep being stylish in 2012! ;)

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  5. Arati superb,la multi ani! Xo


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