14 October 2011

Boyfriend jeans

   I`m so excited of my new camera and i can`t stop doing pictures...haha ! it may sound stupid and crazy but i`m in love with it and also i have to learn how to use it at its true potential, so if any of you knows some hints in using a nikon ,i wait for your advice :D
About the outfit, well is casual and the special touch is given by the killer heels, that were present also in the last post. I have some new items in my closet that you will probably see them quite a lot( and these shoes are one of them) because we have a special connection and is imposible for me to stay to much away from them.
  Also soon i will have a new DIY item...can you guess what it is? Don`t think to far, i don`t want to dissapoint you ! But if you won`t guess i think you`ll give me in the same time some ideas...haha here is a win-win situation.
I wish you a fabulous weekend,
Kisses,Manuella ♥

Blazer: H&M
Basic t-shirt
Jeans: Zara
Heels: Local Market


  1. Really nice outfit!:)

    xx Laura

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  3. i wish i could wear boyfriend jeans but i don`t have the legs for them. you look very pretty! love the outfit simple and very chic! and the shoes are amazing! are they comfy?

  4. Ciao bella, happy day.
    Fantastic your boy friend and your shoes lovely look.

  5. pantofii is superbi! de unde ii ai?

  6. beautiful pictures and such a gorgeous look - i just love blazer's! xD
    happy to follow here...!


  7. doamne sunt superbi pantofii...dar vad ca nu vrei sa spui de unde i-ai achizitionat :)

  8. your look is amazing, i love it!

    I follow u!!! :)

    kisses from ladyguedarte.blogspot.com/


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