13 July 2011

Perfect summer day!

              As i promised ,here it is the new post! Short jeans and a transparent shirt is the perfect match even if the shirt has long sleeves ( and it can be a bit ridiculous for summer) !Also i have to admit that this outfit is inspired from another blog and i adapted to my clothes and of course to my style!
               As i mentioned also on my personal facebook page ( if you`re not already a member join it 

and you`ll be in touch with all the updates ) soon i will have a new surprise for you and my next post will contain a new collaboration item that i really like even if again it has long sleeves....
               Haha and i just gave you a hint, can you guess what it is?

Stay tuned,Kisses
Manuella ♥

Shoes : Zara
Shorts: Bershka
Hat : Greek store
My mom`s shirt :D


  1. Stunning outfit! I love your shorts, your shoes and your shirt! xxx


  2. cute, SUMMER look! <3
    It's okay that it has long sleeves since it's pretty sheer anyway.

    Can't wait to see your surprise.

    xoxo, Bree


  3. Cute hat and blouse, you look very lovely!


  4. love the shorts:)Wearing them with a white shirt is so chic.
    Wish I had your legs!You have a great body!

  5. hi manuella, i saw your profile com chicisimo and i diceded to check out your blog, i have one too i'm here to invite you to take a look at... e let me know what you think, i loved your looks keep up the good work girl



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