25 August 2016

All Black and White

I just got back from a short run and right before entering the shower I wanted to share a new outfit with you. Well, not only because I was to nervous to show it but mostly because today it willl be a busy day and this is the only moment when I have a few minutes left free.

It`s hard to get back form your holiday and be on track with everything, even more that I still want to enjoy the few days left of the summer and I want to have them bu the pool. The good news are that maybe this weekend you`ll find me there ♥

But tell me, how do you manage to get back to work and succeed in remaining focused on what you have to do and not having your mind in completely other directions? Because I`m not really successful at this lately.
If you can imagine, last night by instinct I found myself searching for another holiday destination!

But one week from now, we will officially start a new autumn season and for sure will be magnificent. It should be since we have a hell of a summer ♥ In a good way for sure ♥

Wish you all a wonderful day and stay tunned because new things are about to come!
Kisses, M ♥

 I was wearing:
Hat: Here
Jerome Boateng sunglasses: Edel Optics
H&M t-strap shirt
Romwe Skirt: Here
Paul Andrew Sandals: Here
Michael Kors Bag: Here
Tommy Hilfiger Watch: Similar Here

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  1. Such a lovely combination!



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