26 April 2012


Yesterday when the mailman came, he officially made my day by giving me 3 packages : inside the first one i found this gorgeous bag and a wonderful dress for which i had to thanks to Oasap, and in the other one a gorgeous blouse and a pair of short ripped jeans from Sheinside. The third one if you can imagine is a Singapore magazine called Alexis and i`m in the influential street style bloggers section, wonderful :D.
About this bag, well untill i will afford to have an original Celine bag i will be happy to have this similar one.
Also tomorrow i hope i will be able to go at the seaside, if not, for sure on Saturday i will be there so for the ones that are also going, let me know ,maybe we will meet there,we can take a lot of wonderful pictures!!!
Enjoy the weekend,
Kisses, Manuella ♥

18 April 2012

Spring Days

Hy girls! This pictures were took a few days ago, so don`t worry i`m not living in California or somewhere else where is sunny and the weather is perfect for spending time at the beach. I`m still in Bucharest where now is cloudy and rainy...and this is the ugly truth :(
And while i`m trying to spend my time at home in a pleasant way, watching series, post on blog, music etc., my dear neighbors have thought it is the perfect time to make some changes in their home by breaking down the walls.Awesome, right?
I hope you have a better day than me,
Kisses, Manuella ♥

16 April 2012

In the sand

Hy everybody, how are you? I want first to wish you Happy Easter and i hope Bunny brought you everything you wished !!
The last days were rainy so i didn`t manage to take some pictures, also i was with Marius and with my family , enjoying all the delicious foods and sweets that my mum prepared for us! But about this pictures, well i wasn`t at the sea side, even if it looks like, but i was in the park...amazing right? 
I hope you have a wonderful holiday 
Kisses, Manuella ♥

7 April 2012

Pretty Pink

This is one of my favorite colors combinations!! Actually i`m in love with all white outfits but this time i wanted to add a bit of color to it. Also i have in mind a project and i hope you`ll like it when you`ll see what is it about.
This is it for today, have a wonderful weekend, this weather can`t keep you in the house 
Kisses, ♥

4 April 2012

Beautiful Wednesday

A new outfit post of what i wore a few days ago at school. When i have time i can`t stop taking pictures and when i`m busy i`m thinking only at a way to make time for pictures...!! 
Also i promise you that soon i will manage to take some pictures with the item that will be the prize of a wonderful Giveaway. I bet you`ll love it as much as i do: simple, classy and fab 
I hope you`re having a wonderful time,
Kisses,Manuella ♥

3 April 2012

Green and Purple

Quick post fort today, because i have to get prepared for my friend anniversary. Don`t be scared, i had also a  short jacket....In Bucharest the weather is gorgeous but not that gorgeous :)) we still have to wear jackets or blazers :)
Kisses, Manuella ♥