27 September 2016

We moved to www.letstalkaboutfashion.com


EN: Is been a while since we desired to make this move and now is finally done. We will invite you to check our NEW BLOG because the entire activity has moved at http://letstalkaboutfashion.com 
We have the same name as we used until now, but we came with more content, topics and ideas in order to give you the right information ♥

RO: A trecut ceva timp de cand ne dorim sa facem aceasta mutare iar acum este in sfarsit realizata. Va invit sa vizitati noul blog deoarece acolo este mutata intreaga activitate: http://letstalkaboutfashion.com 

Avem acelasi nume ca si pana acum, doar ca in plus o sa gasiti mai mult continut, mai multe idei care au ca scop oferirea informatiilor necesare si utile ♥ 

29 August 2016

When the details make the difference

Outside is cloudy and it`s raining since I woke up. I wanted to get out of the bed and look on the window and see the sun rising but this was only a dream. My plans were ruined for today, the shooting postponed and the only thing I could have think of was to get out and enjoy the fresh air after a summer rain.

But well, not everything happen as we plan or want. But it seems that faith wanted me to post a grey outfit with just a small splash of color at the bottom of the outfit. The Yellow Knotted Mules are my favorite lately and the satin works perfect with my pajama look.

What do you think about this trend? Everyone dresses like they just got out of bed, but I really love it. It can be casual and elegant at the same time and also you can look more relaxed if you prefer to wear the outfit by day.

Let me know what you think about it and stay tuned because I`m preparing a new face for my beloved blog that will be soon lunched with a surprise for you ♥

Wish you all a new wonderful week,
Kisses, M ♥

 I was wearing:
H&M Shirt
Pajama Pants: Similar Here
Jessica Buurman Knotted Mules Here
Swarovski bracelet
Sunglasses: Similar Here
Bag: Similar Here
Fur Bag Charm: Here

26 August 2016

The beach season comes to an end

Hi loves! Most probably this is my last bikini post for this year since the season is about to end. I kept it for the end of the summer as a reminder of how great it was.

There are still unwritten stories that will be kept as memories for myself because as you all know, we still need to have a private life and if they are kept this way, sometimes we enjoy them more.
Today I won`t keep you long, just because we all have to take advantage of the last summer weekend. Do you have any plans? I have none, but I`m going to think about something and maybe as I previously told you, I will enjoy one more day at the pool ♥

Kisses and wish you all a wonderful weekend,
M ♥

I was wearing:
Shein Coconut Tree Print Swimsuit: Here

25 August 2016

All Black and White

I just got back from a short run and right before entering the shower I wanted to share a new outfit with you. Well, not only because I was to nervous to show it but mostly because today it willl be a busy day and this is the only moment when I have a few minutes left free.

It`s hard to get back form your holiday and be on track with everything, even more that I still want to enjoy the few days left of the summer and I want to have them bu the pool. The good news are that maybe this weekend you`ll find me there ♥

But tell me, how do you manage to get back to work and succeed in remaining focused on what you have to do and not having your mind in completely other directions? Because I`m not really successful at this lately.
If you can imagine, last night by instinct I found myself searching for another holiday destination!

But one week from now, we will officially start a new autumn season and for sure will be magnificent. It should be since we have a hell of a summer ♥ In a good way for sure ♥

Wish you all a wonderful day and stay tunned because new things are about to come!
Kisses, M ♥

 I was wearing:
Hat: Here
Jerome Boateng sunglasses: Edel Optics
H&M t-strap shirt
Romwe Skirt: Here
Paul Andrew Sandals: Here
Michael Kors Bag: Here
Tommy Hilfiger Watch: Similar Here

24 August 2016

Sailor on Duty

 Hi loves! The weather is so moody lately, but today I want to share with you my sailor inspired outfit that I wore for our last night in Cannes. I thought it will be perfect and that it will match perfectly the atmosphere there and I was right. Everyone admired the dress and also the combination of white and blue with the red details.

Regarding the city, there are too many things to be mentioned but I don`t want to bore you that much again. Still, I want to recommend you if you`re going to explore the city, to take also time to go to the Radisson`s roof top restaurant. You`ll have a 360 degrees view over the city and the French Riviera, which will amaze you. During the day I don`t think it will be that interesting but if you`ll be there at the sunset you`ll love it for sure.

I hope you`ll enjoy the pictures and you can find more details about my outfit in the I was wearing section. Hurry up because most of the items are not on final sales and you can have them at a super price :D You know that I`m always sharing with you these details because I think that it is extremely clever to invest in statement pieces but is even better if you`re not going to spend a fortune on them!

Wish you all a wonderful day,
Kisses, ♥

 I was wearing:
Kraxy Rabbit Dress: Here
Michael Kors Bag: Here
Prada Sunglasses: Here
Casadei Sandals: Here ( On Final Sales)

23 August 2016

Time to be the Prom Queen is close ♥

September is just around the corner and the new season on wedings and proms is about to start. All the girls dream to be the Prom Queens and we all know how hard is this. Together with Sherry London we made some selections of Prom Dresses that will help you to get through all the drama and the shopping crisis in outfits that you`ll shine and get the entire attention!

First of all the red dress never gets out of style. The elegance of a qualitative lace that creates a one shoulder long dress will help you make a statement. If you also pick the right accessories the outfit can be even more attractive. I was never quite a fan of the combination of red and black so this is why I`m suggesting you this time a combination of red and nude.

22 August 2016

Day 3 of our Holiday spent in Nice

Hi loves! Today I will share with you more details about our short trip from Cannes to Nice & also the details of my Pocahontas outfit ♥
First of all, there is a short trip. We took the train from Cannes and in 30minutes we arrived in Nice, but it is extremely important to take the TGV instead of the Regional train becuase it`s both cleaner and faster since the second one has stops in all the small stations and the irony is that at that moment was also cheaper if you can believe it, since we paid 22 euros for 2 persons both ways, instead of 28 euros.
From Nice you can also go in Monaco too and you`ll have another 30min maximum. It`s worth the time, but in our case we were to exhausted and we skipped it.

About the city, since the attacks that happened just a short time ago, the city was peaceful and I can say a bit empty. The terrible moments are still in the air, but we enjoyed a walk by the sea and also the streets of Nice with no incidents. I guess is safer now that there are police officers around the city walking between the tourists. 

Last but not least, I decided to be Pocahontas for a day by wearing a leather outfit found on Kraxy Rabbit. Simple leather, suede leather, braids, white and brown... the ingredients for a perfect outfit that was completed with a pair of pom pom sandals, a brown Michael Kors Bag and my all time favorite pair of sunglasses from Prada.

You can find all the links to each product in the I was wearing section.
I hope you enjoy it and wish you a wonderful week,
Kisses, M ♥

I was wearing:
Kraxy Rabbit Skirt: Here
Leather White Top: Here
Choies Pom Pom Sandals: Here ( at a discount)
Prada Sunglasses: Here
Michael Kors Bag: Here
Wood Bracelets: Similar Here

21 August 2016

You`re planning a trip to the French Riviera? Read more about my experience

Our second day in Cannes, was beyond perfection. We had decided to go and relax by the beach and to enjoy a cold Granita. I have to admit that this was my favorite drink during the holiday and I know that basically is not that healthy, but come on, it was just for a few days :D

For me, everything was just in the right place and by spending a few days there, for the first time I started thinking how it can be to live there. And everything in my mind was just perfect and relaxing, you know the kind of activities and life that we should all enjoy at some point in time? Well Cannes fit them all, at least from a theoretic point of view ♥

I will continue to tell you more about this place and have a small story with each picture that will follow. In this way I think you`ll have a better image and you`ll understand better the magic of the city.

In the mean time, you can purchase the items I wore by clicking on the specific product you`re interested in and you`ll be directed straight to the product page:

I was wearing:
Palms Dress: Here
Pink Basis Sandals: Here
Hat: Similar Here 
Beach Bag: Here (at a discount)
Sunglasses: Similar Here

18 August 2016

The unexpected trip to Cannes ♥

 Hi loves! I know it`s been a while since my last post, but as some of you already know from my Facebook and Instagram accounts, I`ve been on a short holiday...again :D
It was unplanned mostly because we wanted to go to the seaside in Romania, until we found that there were no rooms left and we decided to change the destination and go to Cannes. In the next posts, I will show you more pictures with the city, the beach, their delicious seafood and the entire vibe.

 Just for you to know, we took our flights to Nisa, because in Cannes you can arrive only by private jets and from Nisa we took the train that arrives in Cannes in no more than 30 min. Also if you want to know where you can stay, the best is to stay arround the train station because it`s extremely close to the center and to everything that you`ll want to see.

I loved it and for the first time, I`ve said that it was one of my best holidays. ♥
Wish you all a wonderful day and even if it`s sad, summer is almost over and we have to get back to work as we should, don`t you think?

Kisses, M ♥

 I was wearing:
Sunglasses: Similar Here
Choies Jumpsuit: Here
Flats: Here
Beach Bag: Here

5 August 2016

Bonding With Mother Nature

Hi loves! Today I`m back to you with a more casual outfit, perfect for those summer days when you want to enjoy the day and spend it maybe at a picnic with your friends. I`m so over wearing heels and these gladiator sandals are more than perfect for my feet.

Also, for the perfect outfit you should try and combine a comfy kimono with a small but useful backpack... like I did. Somethimes, even if it`s small or big, a bag is a bit uncomfortable and this is when the backpack comes to save the day ♥

One more thing that I want to tell you about, is related to the sunglasses. Recently I became a football fan... not really common for a girl, but I watch the Euro 2016 with my boyfriend and if you watched it too, you have probably noticed that the German team was great and their results were really good.
Jerome Boateng was also part of the team and right before the Euro, he launched a new sunglasses collection and I said to myself that I must have a pair. Said and done ♥ Maybe is not one of those brands you want to have in your collection, but I don`t really give much attention to the brand as I give on the person behind the collection and on the shapes and models available...

I will invite you to take a look at his collection Here and let me know what you think. Also it`s in collaboration with Edel Optics, so their quality is undoubted.

Wish you all a wonderful weeken! 
Kisses, M ♥

I was wearing:
Romwe Kimono: Here
Jerome Boateng Sunglasses: Edel Optics
Pink Basis Sandals: Here
Leather Backpack: Similar Here
Nude Shorts: Similar Here