31 October 2015

Classy outfit and new Inia Lavin boots

 Stau in fata laptop-ului de aproximativ o ora si ma gandesc ce as putea sa scriu. Aveam un text pregatit de ieri, in care totul era roz si frumos si in care va povesteam despre noua pereche de cizme Inia Lavin dar pe care l-am sters instant cand am deschis postarea. 

Ei bine, de ieri pana astazi s-au schimbat multe lucruri si cred ca de fapt asa putem sa descriem pana la urma viata noastra: Imprevizibila, Fragila si de multe ori de necontrolat. Nu sunt aici sa fac justitie sau sa apar interese politice, de asemenea nu sunt nici macar in masura. 

Incidentul de aseara insa, ne-a marcat pe toti si pot spune ca a fost un real soc. Intamplator sau nu, am aflat de acesta fiind chiar in trecere in acea zona la scurt timp dupa producerea dezastrului: zona era impanzita de politie, salvari si masini de pompieri iar apoi in tot orasul masinile de salvare incercau sa isi faca loc printre cei care circulau nedumeriti. In momentul urmator am cautat pe net sa aflu despre ce este vorba si am incercat sa aflu care este situatia si daca prieteni de ai mei se aflau acolo. 

Ei au avut noroc, la fel ca mine si cei dragi. Ce va pot spune, este ca trebuie sa ne bucuram de fiecare clipa a vietii noastre, sa o pretuim si sa incercam sa fim mai buni in fiecare zi, nu doar in cazurile de acest gen.

Condoleante tuturor, si desi este un eveniment, cum am mai spus, socant sper sa nu atrag antipatia celor din jur prin ce am spus si prin faptul ca am decis sa vin cu o noua postare in care vorbim de haine, pantofi si orice altceva superficial in comparatie cu cele intamplate. Viata merge mai departe si sper ca putem invata cu totii din intamplarile ce au loc in viata noastra si sa nu fie doar un impact de moment.

Live your life with no regrets because nothing is for granted. Keep your family and friends close because just in one second they can disappear and nothing will bring them back.

I was wearing:
Romwe Jacket
My own design skirt
Inia Lavin Wear it Twice Boots
Prada Sunglasses
Michael Kors Bag
Tommy Hilfiger Watch

29 October 2015

Changing tops

Hy girls! Right now I`m at the Stefanel Brunch but I wanted to share with you my latest outfit. Today, you`ll see basically two extremely similar outfits that keep the same color combo but are just a bit different.
Meaning that I decided to wear first a chunky sweater that keeps me extremely warm and goes perfect with the cold autumn days if you also have to walk from one place to another and stay out for a while. The second choice was made by changing the sweater with a camel vest. With this type of outfit you can show more you your body (don`t get into this idea too deep) and it will be suitable if you only get out of the car and enter immediately into a place because it will not keep your warm at all.

This is a matter of taste, but I have to confess that I like both styles the same. Even more I want to hear your impressions regarding this new pair of Inia Lavin Peep-Toe Ankle Boots. You can order yours on your favorite leather type and color at contact@inialavin.com

Let me know your impressions and don`t forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more real time updates
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Choies Hat
Choies White Blouse
Fluffy Sweater Similar Here
Inia Lavin Ankle Peep-Toe Boots
Leather Leggings Here
Prada Sunglasses
YVY Bags Camel Bag
Tommy Hilfiger Watch
 Choies Brown Vest

24 October 2015

Sunny Weekend ♥

I have prepared a new outfit for you perfect for these sunny days when you can enjoy this kind of pants or skirts in this length. But I hope that in the mean time you enjoy this beautiful day outside in a perfect company.
 I will not talk too much because I also want to go out and do anything else but I still want to tell you something about what I`m wearing. Sure, you can find all the details in the "I was wearing" section, together with direct links to each of the items, but as you can see I went for a dark outfit, black and gray, but also with a small splash of color due to the brown Michael Kors bag. 
Another thing that I`m very excited about is that finally my Prada baroque shades are finally hope. If you remember, a while ago I had the similar ones bought from a local shop and I always wanted the original ones. Believe me, there is no doubt that the quality is way much better and that they deserve the investment. 
I also had the chance to buy them at a discount from Shopbop so, if you ask me, this is the online shop that you should follow if you want to enjoy some quality shopping ♥

I hope you like it and wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Prada Sunglasses Here
Shein Vest Here
Shein Lace-up Body Here
Shein Leather Pants Here
Michael Kors Bag Here
Choies Cut Out Boots Here

23 October 2015

Autumn Colors

 Ok, these kind of autumn days are perfect: Not too cold, sunny and if you have seen, during this season we can enjoy the most wonderful colors of the year thanks to the course of nature.
We can also use these colors in different combinations for our outfits, but when is cloudy and rainy the only thing I`m thinking about is black or maybe grey. It depends on our mood a lot, I think, as I`ve told you also on my previous posts.

Regarding the outfit well, in the first instance I was a bit unsure about culottes, but lately I love them and I decided beside the black ones that I own to add a new pair of burgundy ones. Also, I wanted to combine them with a pair of over the knee boots because until now, I had the chance to wear them only with short or mini skirt in order to create the effect of extremely long legs. But things have changes and I moved to a different interpretation. What do you think about it? 

I hope you like it and maybe it will inspire your casual outfits for the weekend :D
Wish you all a wonderful Friday,
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Shein Leather Jacket
Zara Turtleneck
Bershka Culottes from Kurtmann
Jessica Buurman Lace-up boots
Marc Jacobs Watch
Leather bag similar Here
Sunglasses Similar Here

22 October 2015

What goes around comes back around

 Good morning again loves ♥ Cold weather wouldn`t be enough if it would be without rain and wind! So these days we are facing dramatic changes in weather: one sunny day and another one rainy. I don`t want to say that it is perfect but we have nothing to do than to adapt. 
During the autumn days, when the weather still allows us, I love to wear short skirts combined with over the knee boots. And by chance, since I had these items, again between the ones in the front of my wardrobe, I realized that is not the first time when I`m combining this skirt with this cape. Well, I have to admit that I love how it looks, chic and elegant but in the same time casual and cozy. 

And also by chance I ended up wearing black in the upper part and grey to the bottom. I think that outfits created on a rush, can also look good too... what can I say in my defense?! :)) I can still add one more thing in my defense though and I think it can also be a small advice: Usually we don`t buy items just to wear them once. We also love one outfit that we can`t stop wearing it. In addition we make smart investments that last over the years and are not out of fashion. In this situation, the only thing left is to switch some items or to add a small accessory that change the perspective or the outfit and we can wear it once more. 

I have items that were never worn or maybe just once, but I also have items that I love to add in more than just one outfit. This is nothing wrong and it proves that the particular item is versatile, great picked and also a good investment.

What do you think about this? Did you faced the same situation when you wanted to wear more and more one item and on the other hand when you bought something impulsively and never had the chance to wear it?

I`m so curious to hear your answers and some concrete examples :D
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
She In Cape
Zara Turtleneck
Choies Skirt
Choies Grey Over The knee Boots
Leather Bag Similar Here

21 October 2015

Lately I`m so into casual outfits

You all feel my mood described in the title right? I mean in my case, there are days when I just want to be...let`s say a princess and I act accordingly: nice and girlish outfits and behave in the same way. But on the other hand are the other days when I would like to be a boy: casual outfits, large jeans, flats and a ponytail that helps me to forget about my long hair !!

It may sound silly but usually my mood in most of the cases inspires my outfits for each and every single day. Why in most of the cases? Well, I already told you that some of the outfits are prepared in advanced for the entire week. There can be changes and also outfits added if the schedule ask for them. 

You can also see the change in attitude and outfits between this post and the previous one. I think it is obvious but I have to tell you that sometimes this is the fun part of the fashion, that we can play with our wardrobes and that we can change everything all over again if we feel the need ♥

I hope you like it and I know, this outfit is more appropriate for the outside weather now. Even if I love the spring/summer weather I have to get used with this :))

Wish you all a wonderful day and check the I was wearing section for more details about the items I`m wearing

Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Zara Jacket
H&M White Blouse
C&A Boyfriend jeans
Choies Shoes
Freyrs sunglasses
YVY Bags 
Marc Jacobs Watch

20 October 2015

Powder pink & Silver sequins

 Good Morning! It seems that yesterday Summer, or at least the weather of a late summer, was back in the city and I decided to take advantage of it to wear again one of my favorite blouse ever ♥ I combined it with this new pair of silver sequin trousers and he nude stilettos because I didn`t want my feet frozen.

I have to go now, but stay tunned because I have prepared more cute outfits for you.
Wish you all a wonderful day
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Open Back Blouse ( Old)
Yoins Sequins Trousers
Nude Stiletto Similar Here
Marc Jacobs Watch Here
White leather Bag Similar Here
Freyrs Sunglasses

17 October 2015

Bags, shoes and everything nice

 Good evening already!! I know I came with this post later than I am using to, but today, after a long while I overslept. It was extremely needed since the entire week I was fighting the horrible flu and I couldn`t take a breath and stay one day in bed in order to be back on track faster. 

But, today I want to present you my latest outfit that includes 2 of my favorite new in accessories: The Camel Safiano bag from YVY Bags and the Red Pumps from Jessica Buurman. The rest of the items are nothing complicated but it completes the entire outfit. 

And yes, lately I think I`ve made a small addiction to hats. I have some and I`m planning to add some more shapes and colors in order to create a small personal collection. And this will be added to my bags and shoes collections hahaha. 

I hope you like the entire outfit and let me know your impressions.
Wish you all a wonderful weekend and see you soon!!
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Choies Hat Here
Asos Coat from Kurtmann
Shein Blouse
Front Row Shop jeans
Jessica Buurman Red Heels Here
Stefanel Scarf 
YVY Bags Camel Safiano

16 October 2015

Black outfit with a touch of burgundy

 How was your day by far?  Mine started really good but the only problem that I`m facing is the flu that it seems it doesn`t want to give me some peace. I couldn`t sleep last night and neither the night before but I`m doing my fest to maximize the results of my activities and actions in order to have more time to rest and to stay in bed, drinking hot tea and sure taking the right medicines. 

Anyway, I will stop complaining right now because it wouldn`t help me. I want to tell you more about my outfit. I might look a bit overdressed but I was quite afraid to go out in my casual outfits in which I feel every wind. 

So these are my new items, just added to my wardrobe: The Asos coat & the burgundy leather pants. Both were bought from Kurtmann. And if you don`t know much about it, you have to know that is an amazing outlet where you can find mass market brands at super low pricess. Check the I was wearing section for direct links to the website.

Today I will also be on the run, but you also know what Beyonce says: "who run the worl? .... Girls" hhaha 

I hope I put a small smile on your face.
Let me know your impressions because it is always extremely important for me to know you feedback

Wish you all a wonderful weekend.
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
H&M shirt
Old knitted vest
Deichmann Shoes

15 October 2015

To be or not to be Blode?!?!

 Good morning again! when you`ll see this post, I will be already on my way to prepare something awesome for you. Don`t ask what, I will show it to you as soon as possible. But, in the mean time, I will ask you an extremely serious question: Should I go back to blonde or stay this way? 

This is the question of the last month. I am thinking of a blonde comeback but I`m not really sure if I should do it :( You advice will be highly appreciated. 

Regarding the outfit, this was how I decided to dress up yesterday for the BSB new Store opening in Promenada Mall. Beside the grand opening, I have to confess that I saw some items and I think that they will be soon added to my wardrobe. Or at least they should be added :)).

Ok, I would have probably said one more thing, but is 2 A.M. already and I still have to clean my face and remove the make-up, a fast shower and fast in bed because tomorrow will be a looong day. And you also know that I`m not really complaining, but there are things that surround us that are completely unacceptable. 
But life goes on with or without them. 

Have a wonderful day
Kisses, Manuella ♥

P.S.: The winner of the Giveaway organized in collaboration with Ever Pretty is.....

Pirvu Ramona Cristiana 22 September 2015 at 23:38
pirvuramona91@gmail.com, marimea s
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Congrats dear, you`ll receive an email as soon as possible with more details.

I was wearing:
Zara Shirt
Zara boots

14 October 2015

Black and grey for gloomy days

 Good morning loves! This is the outfit I wore yesterday when outside it was extremely cold, taking into consideration that were approximately 8 degrees but it felt even worst....Brr!! Not that nice even more because I think that I just got a small flu and this was the last thing I wanted.

 If you take a look, my previous post included sandals!! It is such a dramatic change of weather, but the only thing that we can do is to adapt :( So I`m wearing my favorite pair of boots lately that you can find at Tamaris, being part of their autumn/winter collection. The last items were just some picks that I found in front of my wardrobe. Is a complete chaos right there, even more because I couldn`t manage to change entirely the summer items with the autumn/winter ones :(

But this is the result, a black and gray combination that will always be perfect for the gloomy weather. I hope that the following days will be much better and maybe it will inspire me to wear some bright colors again. 

I hope you like it and I`ll be back with more outfit updates soon
Wish you all a wonderful day
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Tamaris Boots
Zara turtleneck
Stefanel Neckcloth
Snakeskin Bag Similar Here ( where you can enjoy 25% discounts)

13 October 2015

Online Shopping & Discounts

If you will ever decide to ask some fashionistas about designer items, investments, sales and online shopping you`ll probably be surprised by the fact that most of them will have probably the same answers or similar ones. Why is that? Well, because we all want to have those designer items and we have particular pieces that we crave on. 

Being able to buy them at super discounts is the deal that we are all searching for. Spend less money on something that costs even more and also on items that will remain on our wardrobes more than just a season. 

So today I will share some great tips with you. Shopbop, my favorite online shop that sells designer pieces, is running a 25% discount and you can enjoy it by using the code: INTHEFAM25. Click on the code and you`ll be directed to the website.

 There are some brand exclusions and pay attention to them. You can see the entire list HERE. Also it is extremely important to know that the Sale will end on Friday Morning ( around 9A.M. the Romanian Time Zone).

This doesn`t mean that all the designers were excluded. You can still enjoy discounts for designers like: Michael Kors, Prada, Aquazzura, Belstaff, Giuseppe Zanotti, Gucci, Kenzo, Diane von Furstenberg, Versace, Saint Laurent and many others. It will be much more easier to check the excluded designers list because they are like 10 or so,from a list of more than 100 brands.

I have to tell you that I cannot share with you my thoughts if I don`t experience them first. So I also ordered something from the website by enjoying the 25% discount.

 I wanted them for a while and today I ordered the Prada Baroque Sunglasses at  $300... I know this is the actual price on the website but in this amount I also included the Import duties and taxes applied, since Romania is outside the US. For all the non US countries it is extremely important to know the VAT and the the applied taxes because this can increase your final price.
In Romania the VAT is 24% of the paid price, and you`ll find the perfect chance to be able to eliminate this VAT by enjoying the discount.

I will share with you more pictures once I will receive the sunglasses. Usually it takes around 3 days to arrive from the US. So this week I will have them in my hand. Can`t wait.

Let me know if you have decided to buy something too. You shouldn`t miss this opportunity ♥

12 October 2015

Little details perfect for the office outfit

Good morning again. This time, I`m writing you directly from Iasi even if I have took this pictures on the day before I left to this wonderful city. Is a short outfit recommendation perfect, i would say, for the office. Is something usual and common: black and white combo, small accessories but I like to think about the pants details as being a small touch that can change a bit the entire outfit. 

More for conservative persons, but in the same time chic and comfortable. I don`t have much time, but I hope you`ll enjoy my post and for more details check the I was wearing section because there you`ll find direct links to each item. 

I have to go now, but have a wonderful Saturday
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Freys Sunglasses
Vintage clutch

10 October 2015

When the temperature drops to... PINK

Good morning! Right now I`m already on my way to Iasi and I decided to prepare this post for you right before my departure. I will keep you updated with all the news from the moment I will arrive because as far as I know, it will be extremely fun and interesting around there. Maybe we will have the chance to meet there and have a great Saturday party at Papillon starting with 11 P.M.

 About the outfit, well it was an extremely windy evening and you can see this from my pictures. It was nice though, but I`m starting to think more at my future autumn outfits. Until now, we had felt some summer influence and it could have been seen also on my outfits. 

I hope you like it and maybe it will inspire you to continue to wear more bright outfits because this autumn/winter we can also wear pastels and when I`m saying this I`m referring more to pink ahahaha.

Wish you all a wonderful weekend 
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Pink jachet: My own design (order yours too: manuela.lupascu91@gmail.com)
Freyrs Sunglasses
T-shirt Zara

8 October 2015

My type of Army ♥

I have to confess that there are items in my wardrobe that don`t see the sunlight more than 2 times in their entire life. Well, 2 times for some of them is a happy situation because there are items that are brand new in my wardrobe. Don`t ask me why is so, because I don`t have an exact answer. My only thought is that I am that kind of the buyer that fall in love at first sight and as fast as I fall in love, I will also get bored with the items. 

This happened also with this pair of high heels... and with the khaki vest. If you remember it, last time I wore it in a more casual way, as a dress combined with a pair of gladiator sandals ♥ I love both combinations and I would like to know which one is your favorite?! :D

I hope you like it and I want to wish you all a wonderful day
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Animal Print Heels  

7 October 2015

When Fringes are the only thing I`m thinking about

Hi loves! How are you? Today beside the usual outfit post, I want to make you a small suggestion. Do everything fast and finish earlier and enjoy the rest of the day, because as far as I`ve heard the weather is not going to improve from tomorrow but the other way round. So we have to be prepared because this season will finally get in charge. 

So, for today I have prepared another outfit that is still suitable for this kind of weather. In fact this was the outfit I wore last night at the Swarovski event for their fall-winter 2015-2016 collection. Just a few pictures took right before the event in a hurry but what can we do in 20 minutes :D 

Right now I have to go, but I hope that my outfit will inspire you and don`t forget to enjoy your day because it will take a while for us to see, sunny days like this one!!
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Versace for H&M Sandals

6 October 2015

Pink for better days

 Hi loves! for today I have prepared a bright outfit that I think... well I don`t want to think anymore :)) 
This kind of weather is extremely chaotic. I wanted to say that is suitable for this kind of weather but the temperature changes from one day to another makes me think about what I should wear that day for at least an hour. It not really ok but what can I say? 

I hope it can inspire your decision for this week and the sweater is my favorite personal touch. Pink makes me happy ♥

Wish you all a wonderful day
Kisses, Manuella  ♥

I was wearing:
Guess Watch
Front Row Shop Jeans

4 October 2015

Casual Sunday with Irresistible Me

Good Evening Girls! 
I know is been a while since I`ve been around here, but the reason is extremely serious and not to be neglected. You know that there are times when we want to do everything in just one day because the next day we have to start all over again? That happened to me: I was exhausted and my body refused to do what I want. So for more than 4 days I was in bed doing nothing else than sleeping. 

But today I`m back and I want to share with you my latest find. I ordered a while ago, some clip-in hair extensions from Irresistible Me. It was the perfect pick and I have to say that i love them. So, the color is Silky Golden Blonde, 22 inches and 200 grams. 
My impressions? Perfect quality, perfect shade and perfect result. I have to say that even if I bought the 200 grams versions the hair is extremely thick and I couldn`t add all the clips... 2 were excluded.  But without them look at my hair volume.. what do you think?

The only thing that I want to mention is the fact that are also a bit heavy, so it will take you a while to get used with their weight, but for such a result... I can even forget that I`m wearing them :))) If you`re not really sure what shade to pick, write them a message and they will do anything to help you and to satisfy your needs. I found a lady that replied all my (38942302) questions and in the end I am happy with my decision. 
Also, you need to have some special skills if you want to apply them by yourself. I did my best to get the best version and I know that the result can be better but in time I will get used with this activity that is also brand new for me and for sure it will look more natural.

 I hope that the info will help you and if you`re a bit uncertain, I highly recommend you to order yours because you can make a difference and change your look when needed. I also highly recommend the clip-in extensions instead of the permanent one because it will be much easier and healthier for your hair ♥

Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing: