29 June 2012

Miss Candy

Today i was at Douglas for the launch of Miss Candy by L`Oreal at Sun Plaza. Of course everything there whas delicious, from the colors of the new products to the real sweets . Also they were doing make-ups and manicures with the new shades and i was happy to enjoy a make-up, since i`m not so good at doing it on my own!! I`ve made some pictures, i hope you will enjoy them and very soon i will post some pictures with the outfit :D

Wish you a wonderful weekend ♥
Kisses, Manuella 

28 June 2012

New in

A have a few new items to show you but i just can`t decide with which one to start and also i have to decide what to wear for my birthday :D Any suggestions? 
BTW sinces this week i`ve spent it at the swimming pool, imagine how tanned is my skin ♥ Maybe soon i will post some pictures from the swimming pool :D

Kisses,Manuella ♥

25 June 2012

Back to white

Since i`ve almost finished with all my exams, i decided is time to go back to the swimming pool :D... and honestly , what is better in these hot summer days?But I have to become clean and say that my nose is now red...and Rudolf is not such a nice comparison :)) beside this everything is perfect!

Anyway i`m so happy that i can swim again after a long time, and also this is my excuse for the "hairstyle"...
Enjoy the summer
Kisses, Manuella ♥

21 June 2012

Life is not just black and white

This is a quick post!! I hope you like my outfit and for those of you who didn`t already took part in the 
Oasap Giveaway, you can see more details HERE !!

Have a wonderful evening :D
Kisses, Manuella ♥

Oasap Giveaway

Do you want to win one of these 2 dresses or many others? Well Oasap is giving away 152 items.
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Let me know if you have entered by also commenting here! :D
Kisses, Manuella ♥

19 June 2012

Summer lover ♥

Since i have 2 more exams the tension decresed and now i can take some time to relax and also to take some pictures for you! 
As i have already told you, this summer i`m in love with white and nude tones more than ever and this is a real problem. Whanna know why?? Because every single time when i go shoppimg i`m looking only at white clothes and really, i`m not Snow White . But lately i was able to turn and let them where they are...Colored or nothing! And imagine my dissapointment when i go back home with nothing ... is hilarious!

Hope you also passed all the exams with high grades :D Those of you who are still in school... and the other ones in life ...uhh so deep :))
Kisses,Manuella ♥

12 June 2012

Perfect peplum

 After days of searching, i found this wonderful peplum blouse. Since i saw this amazing trend i `ve been completely in love with it in all its forms: blouses, dresses and skirts and i was tempted to by so many but i`ve waited until this gorgeous blouse came into my hands. Probably it will not be the only one and in the future i will try to find some other gorgeous items but until then i will be in love with the one i own.

Another aspect that i want to write about it also engage you my dear readers and friends. Over the last posts i saw that you`re interested in the way i`m doing sometimes my hair. And now here is the question that i hope most of you will answer even if it is negative or positive:
  Do you want me to make some hairstyle tutorials? 

I will wait for your answers and if there will be positive answers  i will do my best to enter this into my blog:D
Kisses, Manuella ♥

11 June 2012

Color of the season

  I don`t know if you have noticed but lately i wear much white: blouse, skirt, dress ...i must have something white so i decided to make white my color of the season! 
As about my free time, well it doesn`t exist for the moment with all the exams and a lot of books to read :( I didn`t even manage to go at the swimming pool and you know how much i love this in the summer ♥ but i have to wait 2 more weeks, and after i`m officially on holiday!

I hope you have a wonderful time,
Kisses, Manuella ♥ 

10 June 2012

First asymmetric skirt

This is something that i wore today, i hope you like it and i wish you a wonderful night!! sorry for the few post...i hope i will finish soon with the exams and i will post more!
Kisses, Manuella ♥

5 June 2012


This is a quick post. I just want to show you this dress made by Molecule F that i wore yesterday night with Zara Sandals( are not mine)! I hope you like it and also wish me luck...officially my exams session started!
Kisses, Manuella ♥

4 June 2012

Midi dress

This is what i wore in the end... Because were 30 degrees i decided to wear something fluid and very comfy and for the pictures (only) i have decided to wear a pair of sandals. I hope you like it!!
Have a wonderful night,
Kisses, Manuella ♥

1 June 2012

New items ♥

 Since the weather was ugly and i didn`t manage to take some pictures due to it and also due to the very busy program, i have collected some new items that are waiting in my closet to be word and seen. In this post i`m so happy to show you my new favorite bag and pair of shoes and blouse....and together they look gorgeous (i think). For this bag i have to thank to SheInside and also i have another item to shoe you that is courtesy from them. And all the other items you`ll see more details as usual at the end of the post.
Kisses and have a wonderful weekend 
Manuella ♥