30 July 2014

A new driver is in town :D

And guess what?!?! Today I`m wearing another jumpsuit!! Yes, yes you understood well. I can`t get enough and I still order them because it seems that this year, the summer has just begun ♥ 
And maybe you read already on my Facebook Page and Instagram Account, but I have a wonderful reason to smile now: I just took my driving license yesterday :D And it seems that the second time I had more luck!! I can say that finally I took it because I ended the driving courses a while ago and I didn`t manage to schedule my exams earlier but now is done, haha ♥

More nice things are yet to come, so stay tuned. For example, I wore this outfit when I was filming something nice and soon I will be able to share more info with you and also to tell you more about the surprise that comes with it :D 

I hope you have a great day loves
Kisses, Manuella ♥

FOTO: Micu Valentin
 I was wearing: Jumpsuit: Here, Sandals: Deichmann, Bag: Michael Kors, Sunglasses: Ray Ban,
 Body Chain: Here

28 July 2014

Red - Colour of the season

 Hi loves! I have to confess that after my post when I`m wearing the red jumpsuit, seeing all the wonderful and kind words from you, I decided to wear more red. Also, I decided that red is my colour this summer but I can`t say that I will renounce to wear white and pastels, thouse being my favorite ♥

Meanwhile, I want to remember you to stay tunned because this week I will prepare another surprise for you. I`m very enthusiastic and soon I will share all the details with you. Don`t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook too, in order to stay updated with all the news and real time pictures!!

Can`t wait to read your impressions and if you like my outfit, you can find all the details about it bellow,
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing: Earings: Here, Blouse: Here, Skirt: Here, Sandals: Here, Bag: Local Market

26 July 2014

New outfit + Event Pandora FW Collection

Good evening my loves! I will start today by presenting you the outfit I wore at the beggining of this week when I was invited at the Pandora FW Collection Lounch. You know that since I got my hands on a bracelet I`m wearing it almost everyday and because it was not enough I get another one and I think they suit all my outfits ♥ About the new collection well, is wonderful and I highly recommend it to all of you ♥

 Initially my outfit included this pair of white sandals but unfortunately a crazy rain started and I wasn`t able to wear them anymore and also you already know from my previous post that I am addicted in the summer when in rains to flat sandals :D But the rest of the outfit remained the same and it was very casual and comfy!

I hope you like it and also I wish you a wonderful weekend
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing: Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Blouse: Here, Shorts: Here, Sandals: Here, Bag: Dasha, Watch: Guess
Bracelets: Pandora Summer Collection and Essence Collection,

25 July 2014

When in doubt wear black

Hi loves!! Today I will tell you a bit about what should we wear on this changing summer days. For example, yesterday the sky was full of clouds and a cold wind was present. My option: A maxi dress, a statement bag ( sure, is new and is from Dasha. What can I say, I`m addicted to their bags ♥), some gold accessories to change a bit the dark line and a pair of sandals because I hate so much to get my shoes wet and stay like this all day long untill I reach my place and I can change them :D It may sound weird but we all have strange habbits, I guess :D
This time, I also combined almost all my favorite new items haha. But who cares as long as the result is simple and chic?!

I hope my outfit inspired you and also I want to wish you a great weekend and also don`t forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to stay in touch with the latest updates !!

Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing: Dress: Here, Sandals: Here, Set of gold rings: Here, Mustash Ring: Here, Bag: Dasha
 Animal print bracelet: Here

22 July 2014

Red Heels by Ana Fashion

For this spring-summer as you may have seen I decided to wear different types of jumpsuits short or long and in different shapes and colors. I confess: I love them and this is mainly because there are so easy to accessorize and becaus as I mentioned before on another post you don`t have to worry if the pants matches that blouse or if the top is ironed and so on.
 In my case, I found most of my prefered  jumpsuits as many other items on Sheinside ♥ They have a large variety of products and I also made a short wishlist with my fav pieces from their site and did I mentioned that all of them are now on sales?? How awesome is this? Click on the name of each jumpsuit and you`ll be directed to my each of the top 5 jumpsuits that each of us should invest in haha

Which one is your favorite? :D
And now let`s talk about the heels ♥ I wished for a red pair of heels for a while. I mean, I still have 2-3 pairs but I`ve never been fully satisfied until now. In my opinion, this is the perfect pair of red heels I have in my wardrobe: perfect red, perfect shape and very high heels. Something more interesting is that on the Ana Fashion website you can order them in the color you want and they also have the something and a half measures. Since I am somewhere between 37-38 I always end up with pairs that are too big or that at the beginning too small and is hard to walk on them for the first 2-3 times, but not this time ♥ ( si pentru Ro girls, va asigur ca veti gasi cei mai draguti pantofi de dama pe site, sandale, cizme samd ♥)

And the last thing I want to mention you is that in the last picture you can see a small diference. I mean, do you noticed it? Soon I will prepare you another great surprise together with Videt and Air Optix Colors

I hope you like it and wish you a great day 
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing: Jumpsuit: Here, Heels: Ana Fashion, Bag: Dasha

21 July 2014

Passion Red

Good evening loves ♥ Here I am with a new outfit post for you, wearing another jumpsuit...yes another one and also I want to mention that is not the last one :)) This summer I was and still am crazy in love with this clothing item. The only thing that comes into my mind when I decide to wear one is: AWESOME :))
Oh, and I also have to tell you that this passion red jumpsuit matches perfectly my Pandora Essence Bracelet because as a charm I have Passion :)) I know, this is a bit silly but anyway, I enjoy it :D

You can find this jumpsuit is available in the Rosewe online store and you`ll find a direct link at the bottom of the text as usual but I wanted to mention because I received many questions from you after posting the preview of the post on my Facebook Page. Don`t forget to follow me there too and also on Instagram for more real time pictures ♥

And now that I`m back from my Italian experience, I promise you many new outfits and also new items that are available in Shop by Manuella + some discounts this month. Don`t forget to check it out ♥

Have a great evening
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing: Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Jumpsuit: Here, Heels and Bag: Dasha, Bracelets: Pandora Summer Collection and Essence Collection, Watch: Guess

19 July 2014

Trip to Italy- Part III

Hi loves! Today I`m going to show you the only pictures left from my trip to Italy. I managed to wear more outfits, obviously, but I didn`t succedeed in picture them all, because we wanted to enjoy the holiday and in my case, to stay away from all the work that I always do when I`m back home.

Today you`ll see some pictures taken on the top of the Duomo and believe me, there you can have a wonderful view over the central square, over the Via Vittorio Emanuele and never the less over the city. After that we decided to visit the Sforza Castel which has an amazing fountain in front and a great pair of doves inside haha ♥ Love is eveywhere. After you go through it the view is breathtaking: an extremely big park and at the end of it you can see the Arch of Peace between the trees... Gorgeous!!
And I almost forgot to mention you that in the front of the palace we watch the World Cup Final on a huge TV Screen and we are happy that our favorite, Germany, won !!

And about the outfit I wore, well that day was pretty cloudy and it was a bit cold, so I decided to wear the only pair of jeans(boyfriend ones) that I had with me with a soft blouse and my new pair of sneakers ♥  As my love said: "now, you`re ready for action".

I hope you like it and also I have prepared some new outfits for you and some new surprises, so stay tunned 
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing: Blouse: Here, Jeans: Here, Sneakers: Here, Bag: Michael Kors, Sunglasses: Rayban,
Bracelets: Pandora Essence Collection and Summer Collection, Necklace: Dior

16 July 2014

Trip to Italy- Part II

Good evening! Today, I`m writing you about a part of the places I visited in Milan, most of them in the city center: Duomo and Vittorio Emanuele II Galery. Oh, I completely forgot about the La Rinascente Mall and Via Monte Napoleone, where I went crazy with all the designer items ♥
We also enjoyed, again, their tasty food and the most perfect espresso and caffe latte. I must confess that the taste of their coffee cannot be compared with our coffee shops and places where we can drink it here in Romania.
And about the outfit, even if I am a maniac with high heels, I had with me just flats. As you can see in the pictures, I picked for this outfit my favorite pair of sneakers, combined with a comfy top and my black midi skirt with lace ♥ You can see the details of the outfit at the end of the text.

I hope you like it and don`t forget to enter the Sheinside Giveaway. Tomorrow is the last day when you can enter it, so hurry up

Enjoy the evening loves
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing: Top: Bershka, Skirt: Here, Sneakers: All Stars, Bag: Dasha, Watch: Guess, 
Sunglasses: Local Market, Bracelets: Pandora Essence Collection & Pandora Summer Collection

15 July 2014

Trip to Italy - Venice

Hi Loves! As some of you may know from my Facebook and Instagram Accounts, I`ve spent the last days on a gorgeous trip in Italy, more precisely, Milan and Venice. It was gorgeous and even if it was extremele exhausting it was also a great experience and I`ve seen great places, enjoy the local food and also the feelings that a new place comes with.
We ( me and my love) decided to visit first Venezia and it was the best decision ever. Those small streets, surrounded by bridges and water, with the old but great arhitecture of the buildings and never the less the San Marco Square, Ducale Palace, San Giorgio Maggiore, Basilica di San Marco, Ponte di Rialto and the list can continue with so many other places. I recommend you all of them in case you have the chance to visit the city.
 And also don`t forget to enjoy the local food. It was not the most healthy and fresh menu, but pizza, pastas, gelato, caprese were the main courses like...every day :D
And what can I say, the only bad part was with the multitude of mosquitoes that practicaly saw me as the perfect meal during the trip and my legs are now...destroyed :)) most probably I will have to wear long pants and skirts for a while until the wounds will pass.

But it doesn`t even matter ♥ So this was the outfit I wore to Venice: a gorgeous dress for which I have to thank to Prive Boutique and I also recommend  you to visit their site because you`ll see there lots of items that for sure will make you spend some money haha. And the rest of the outfit is composed by different accesories that let`s say, make a difference( you can see the details at the end of the text).

I hope you like it and also I hope you`ll have a great night. I will be back with another outfit posts and details of my experience in Italy soon ♥
Kisses, Manuella

 I was wearing: Dress: Prive Boutique, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Bag: Michael Kors,
Braceles: Pandora Essence Collection and Pandora Summer Collection, Watch: Guess,
 Sandals: Local Market, Necklace: Dior

9 July 2014

Second outfit at Feeric Fashion Days by Carmen Vlad

Hi loves! Today or maybe this evening, I finally can show you one of the outfits I have the pleasure to wear at Sibiu, during my holiday for Feeric Fashion Days. Unfortunately I wasn`t able to find some time for Alba also but for sure will be other occasions.

In the posts made soon after I came back home, I mentioned that I change myself 3 times in the last day of Feeric Fashion Days. The first outfit is already on blog and this is the second one. Many of you asked me about this gorgeous dress on my Facebook Page and now is the time to share with you more info. You can find this dress and many others made by Carmen Vlad that for sure will not let you leave the page too fast and you`ll find the link and the end of the text. But I also invite you to visit their Facebook Page  ♥

I hope you like it and enjoy a new online shop in town ♥

So, have a great evening loves
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing: Dress: Carmen Vlad, Clutch: Carpisa, Sandals: I completely forgot haha, online for sure

7 July 2014

Lace and Sneakers

Hi loves!! I hope your week will start quite good, because mine will be busy but awesome,at leats I hope since there are some great activities scheduled ♥ 
I won`t tell you more about them right know because I will share them with you at the perfect moment and you`ll be able to stay updated by following me also on my Facebook Page and Instagram Account.

Now, I have to go but I will leave you here with this outfit. I decided to mix sneakers with lace and a fluid and large crop top. Let`s say it is a bit strange but in the end the result I think is not bad at all ♥ You will find all the details about the items at the end of the text and the links to each of it.

Also don`t forget to enter the wonderful giveaways that are still opened on my blog. There are 2, and you`ll be directed to them by clicking HERE & HERE

Good luck to all of you 
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing: Crop Top: Bershka, Skirt: Here, Sneakers: F-shoes, Bag: Here, Watch: Guess, 
Bracelet: Pandora Essence, Sunglasses: Local Market

5 July 2014

Happy 4th of July

Hi Loves! I want to start this post by giving you a huge thanks for all the wonderful B-Day wishes sent for yesterday ♥ You`ve made my day and also I want to apologize if I didn`t manage to respond to each of you.

For now, I will let you enjoy a colorful look that is mainly composed by Sheinside items. If you like them and also their site I also invite you to join the Giveaway organized on my blog where you can win 2 items at your choice. Click Here to be directed to the specific post :D

I hope you have a great weekend,
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing: Blouse: Here, Shorts: Here, Necklace: Borealy, Sandals: Here, Bag: Dasha

3 July 2014

Always on the move

Hi loves! This is again a late night post but, I  received in advance a gorgeous gift: My PC is broke... I think. And my prepared posts for you for now will be a bit delayed. My luck was with one of my friends that allowed me to play nice with hersand this is the reason for the hour when I managed to post.
Today I will present you a dress that was received for a while now, but I wasn`t able to picture it because the weather changed a lot lately here, in Bucharest and it was too warm for it.
And also in this post I`m wearing the second pair of Deichmann sandals brought last week. You may know from the previous post that I had a dilema on what to buy and in the end I decided to buy them both. And honestly, I think I`ve made the right decision because are both gorgeous.

Anyway, I have to go now and prepare for tomorrow because guess whaaat?!?! Is my B-Day and even if I`m getting older, I`m getting wiser too...hahah ♥

Kisses and have a great night
Manuella ♥

I was wearing: Dress: Front Row Shop , Sunglasses: Local Market, Bag: Vintage, Sandals: Deichmann

1 July 2014

Summer in the city with Deichmann

Vara, soare, piscina, bronz, o tinuta lejera si evident o pereche de tocuri ♥

Astazi o sa va vorbesc putin despre minunatiile pe care le puteti gasi in magazinele Deichmann. Ei bine, vara aceasta au venit cu o varietate larga de produse: Sandale de vara, cu toc (ca cele alese de mine ♥) sau fara toc, balerini care pot scoate o tinuta din anonimat sau clasici ce preiau conducerea si fac ca orice look sa fie posibil prin detalii care definesc stilul.

Experienta mea a fost una foarte placuta, poate stiti deja de pe Instagram. Am fost in cautarea perechii perfecte pentru o tinuta de vara insa cand am ajuns in magazin pot spune ca m-am pierdut: atat de multe perechi frumoase si toate parca ma strigau. In prima faza, am ales 2 perechi de sandale flats, 2 perechi de adidasi si 2 perechi de sandale minunate cu toc ♥ Insa vag,fiindca nu imi doream sa inteleg ce spune :)) o auzeam pe mama cum spune: " Manuela, abia ai facut curat in dulap si ai o groaza de perechi nepurtate, incearca sa te abtii". Si cum mereu are dreptate, am inceput sa elimin pe rand cate o pereche pana a ramas sa ma decid intre perechea pe care o puteti vedea acum si o pereche similara fara strasuri dar pe negru.
Am stat, m-am gandit, am rugat vanzatoarea sa mi le pastreze cateva ore si am decis sa mergem impreuna sa bem o cafea de la Starbucks. 
Dupa aproximativ o ora, decizia a fost scurta si la obiect: Mama le iau pe amandoua, si asa am si facut.
Astazi am decis sa va arat o idee de purtare a celor crem cu strasuri, care pot spune ca de multe ori le vad asociate numai cu rochii lungi sau chiar pompoase la evenimente speciale.
Ei bine, consider ca am reusit o asociere draguta cu pantalonii scurti de la Persunmall, care by the way ii gasitit la aproximativ 5$ pe site-ul lor si cu un crop top vaporos. Asta denota versatilitatea perechilor de incaltaminte pe care le puteti gasi la Deichmann si ca sa va mai ofer o veste buna, este si perioada reducerilor ♥
Sper sa va placa tinuta compusa de mine pe care am purtat-o intr-una din zilele insorite si fara ploi la un eveniment minunat ce a avut loc la piscina de la Daimon.

Pozele sunt realizate de: Valentin Razvan ( caruia ii multumesc frumos)
Tinuta este compusa din: Sandale: Deichmann, Pantaloni: Persunmall, Geanta: Dasha, Maieu: Bershka, 
Ochelari de soare: Ray Ban, Colier: REEA Boutique