30 November 2012

Giveaway Magazin NO.1

Romanian readers only :)

A trecut ceva timp de cand am organizat un Giveaway, insa acum a venit momentul unui nou concurs in colaborare cu Magazin NO.1 . Daca il cunoasteti deja, ma bucur, insa pentru cei care nu au auzit pana acum, tin sa va mentionez ca nu stiti ce ati pierdut :)). Accesand pagina lor de Facebook, puteti vedea produsele pe care le au si de care va veti indragosti iremediabil. Cu un portofoliu cuprinzator, veti descoperii produse de calitate care in acelasi timp sunt in pas cu ultimele tendinte, ca si premiul pe care vrem sa vi-l oferim ♥

Asa cum vedeti in poza, este vorba de o superba geanta din piele cu tinte :D pe care o puteti castiga extrem de usor, urmand pasii urmatori:

1. Like Paginii de Facebook Magazin NO.1 AICI
2. Like Paginii de Facebook Let`s talk about Fashion AICI
3.Lasati un comentariu in care sa scrieti numele vostru si o adresa de mail. Daca doriti puteti sa adaugati si combinatia in care veti purta aceasta geanta ( sunt curioasa sa vad ce idei aveti !)
4. Share pozei concursului pe care o gasiti pe pagina de facebook AICI!!

Concursul se incheie pe data de 6 Decembrie, cand voi anunta pe blog pentru cine mi-a lasat Mos Nicolae acest superb cadou ♥

Va pup si va doresc o seara minunata ♥

Basic items

Have a wonderful Friday 
Kisses, Manuella ♥

28 November 2012

Fedora hat addiction

Remember this DIY skirt? You can see it also HERE in a spring/summer outfit.   It`s been a while since i last wear it , but i decided it is time to add some color to my outfits and to escape from the monotonuous chromatic addopted lately.

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Kisses, Manuella ♥

GO NUTS! Christmas Sale – Up to 50% OFF at Msdressy.com

Hy Girls! Since we have one more month until the Winter Holidays, Msdressy decided to organize Christmas  Sales and cut off the prices up to 50 %. 

Simply register and enjoy up to 50% off on all the products. The more, the cheaper! Add one product to the shopping cart; the system will automatically get 30% off; Two, 40% off; Three, 50% off.

Sale Price: Buy one $ 88.23; Two, $151.25; Three, $189.06
So what are you waiting for? Search for the perfect dress and enjoy the discounts !!
Kisses, Manuella ♥

27 November 2012

Oversized Sweater

Hy girls! Today i will show you my super comfy sweater that is a courtesy from Sheinside, in a combination that I simply adore: with leather pants and wedges.  Something casual yet chic in my opinion !
I hope you like it 
Kisses, Manuella ♥

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26 November 2012

Swarovski Elements

They say "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" and who can deny it?! I mean beside the fact they are so bright and shiny, they also succed in transforming a simple outfit in something very elegant and fabulous.

To cellebrate the spirit of creative collaboration that has been central to Swarovski's success since it's earliest days, the world- renowned brand has created an iPad Magazine that is sure to dazzle any viewer, 

I highly recommend you to download the 10th edition HERE for Free and you`ll get inspired by reading the Party, Portrait, People sections and also you`ll be in touch with the hottest trends and must have pieces . And don`t forget to check their Facebook Page.

Kisses, Manuella ♥

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25 November 2012

French braid tutorial

Hey there! This tutorial is meant to explain you the steps in obtaining a french braid hairstyle a bit different from the classic one. 

1. As I recommend in all the hairstyles , your hair has to be freshly washed and dried for a better result. Also make sure all your hair is brushed through so you have no knots.

2. Before starting you have to create a low side part in the hair.  Separate out the front section: this is the part you’ll be adding curls to.

3. This time you`ll begin from the neck to the top of the head so , the position it will be with your head upside down. Select a thick strand of hair and divide it in 3.

4. Start the french braid by folding each section over once. When you get to the first piece again you need to add some more hair to this. Drop the section you need to braid and hold the other two in the other hand, using your fingers to keep the sections separated. Using the tail comb, section a little more hair from your loose hair and grab this along with the section that has already been braided. Smooth the hair out and pull over the correct section. 

5. Continue to braid until you get to the front section that you created at the beginning. When you get there, use some pins to fixate the braided hair. Make sure it is firmly fixed. ( use pins in your hair color so they will not be visible)

6. Last step to be completed it will be for the front section (mentioned in step 2). Using a heat styler take a section of hair a few centimeters thick and run the iron down it at a diagonal angle to create a wave. Repeat with all of the hair in the side-fringe section.
Good Luck 

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24 November 2012


Good morning sweethearts! For me, this weekend seems to begin great even if actually i`m not doing something special ( you may know what i`m talking about...that feeling) .
But i`m letting you with this new outfit post, and i`m going back to what i was doing before uploading it :D 
Wish you a wonderful weekend,
Kisses,Manuella ♥
P.S. : I promise to renounce soon on this hat, but for the moment i developed a kind of addiction for it :)

23 November 2012

Say whaaat ?

For today, just a set of funny pictures that i hope it will bring you a moment of joy !!
Kisses, Manuella ♥

22 November 2012

Black Froday on Ligo

This is for the Romanian readers only so sorry for the rest of you, i will continue in romanian.

Dupa cum bine stim cu totii, vinerea aceasta va avea loc Black Friday. Implicat in aceasta campanie este si site-ul Ligo, care vine in intampinarea voastra cu reduceri masive la produsele de sezon, ce pot ajunge la 68%. Promotia v-a incepe de la ora 00:00 si va dura pana la ora 24:00 la produsele selectate in limita stocului disponibil.

Brandurile participante sunt: Eponge Fashion Paris, Fox si House of Art. Astfel, veti avea o gama variata de produse din care sa alegeti si cu siguranta nu veti parasi site-ul dezamagiti.

Pentru a va face o idee, voi atasa in cele ce urmeaza cateva din produsele care mi-au atras atentia si p care le voi "vana" maine seara !!

Kisses, Manuella ♥

19 November 2012

Late autumn

Hey! First of all i want to apologize for the bad quality pictres but i wanted to show you the outfit i wore yesterday when i visited V for Vintage fair :) If you`re from Bucharest this is the occasion to find interesting items created by the romanian designers at some great prices, so i highly recommand it.

Wish you a wonderful nigh,
Manuella ♥

P.S.: This is an attempt to change the always and forever red lipstick. What do you think about it?

16 November 2012

Efortless retro

I have a surprise for you. Since many of you asked me to do some hairstyle tutorials to explain the steps in creating different hairstyles ...here is the first one. It is very simple yet very stilish and it took me no longer that 10 minutes to finish it. I have to mention that the make-up was made by my wonderful friend Adriana Anton !
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1.Make sure the hair is prepped. It has to be freshly washed and dried !!
2. Using a comb, create a low side part in the hair. Make sure it’s in a straight line. Separate out the front section: this is the part you’ll be adding curls to.
3. Keeping out the fringe section, pin back the rest of the hair so it’s out of the way. Using a heat styler take a section of hair a few centimetres thick and run the iron down it at a diagonal angle to create a wave. Repeat with all of the hair in the side-fringe section.
Tip: curl the hair under and away from the face for the best results.
4. Pull the rest of the hair (the uncurled hair) back and into a low ponytail. Secure with a hair elastic.Twist the ponytail you’ve just created around itself to form a low bun.
5.Loosen the front curls with your fingers to create a soft texture, and arrange them around the face as desired.
6.Finish with hairspray to set the style in place
Manuela Lupascu from Let`s talk about fashion !!
I hope you enjoy it and let me know if you`ll try it!
Make up by Adriana Anton

10 November 2012

Busy bee

Just a quick post, because i`m in a biiiiiiiiig hurry !!
Kisses, Manuella ♥

9 November 2012

New in ♥

These are my new aquisitions :D As you may see they are similar to the Alexander Wang boots and obviously are cheaper. You can find them on Oasap and also you can find many other gorgeous items ♥

What do you think?
Kisses, Manuella ♥

7 November 2012


Even if initially i didn`t want to use this hat because it wasn`t cold enough outside, i realised that it`s been a while since i`ve made cute pictures :)) and i wanted to show you again this side of me! 
All in all, even if most of the time i`m extremely busy, i have to tell you that it is a wonderful period and i`m enjoying it at the fullest from all the points of view :D

Kisses, Manuella ♥

5 November 2012

Monday mood

Since i first saw this hat, i was completely in love with it and i`m wearing it almost every day ( but you know how obsessed i`m with my hair and even if it was love at first sight, i hate when i take it off and my hair has no more volume :( ... ).

I hope you`ll have a wonderful week,
Kisses, Manuella ♥