14 September 2015

It was all white for the weekend

Happy Monday everyone!! I have prepared for you a new outfit and I have to say that the all white combinations are easy to be combined and also easy to wear. Even if I had this pair for a white now, I just forgot that I own it and when I started the seasonal wardrobe changing I just found them and instantly decided to create the perfect outfit for them :D

Also for the all white outfit I decided to add some gold touch details and keep it simple in the same time. A pair of high heels was also needed since the pants are long enough to cover them entirely. I don`t really like when the pants are much more longer that the leg length together with the shoes, even if we are talking about flats or heels, the case will be the same. The reasons are clear... I think: First of all all the dirt from the streets will be on your pants, the second reason is related to the was the pants will look because they will get ruined and I can understand the ripped jeans, but not in this way and also because it is not really suitable and will make each and every single person smaller that she actually is. 

So I hope you`ll enjoy my latest suggestion and I promise to be back soon with more outfit posts :D I have seen that you enjoy it and I have big plans on my mind ♥

Wish you all a wonderful and successful week
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
H&M Shirt


  1. beautiful, stylish, feminine :)


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